Is Naming Rights Sponsorship Worth the Money?

I’ve had this question a few times lately. More often than not, it’s a brand manager who asks the question, after a senior executive has indicated interest in a major naming rights. That right there raises a red flag for me, as when the idea for a big naming rights… Read More

How to Make the Most of Athlete or Other Celebrity Appearances

Appearances are a mainstay of sports and athlete sponsorship, and can be a part of almost any sponsorship. But with best practice sponsorship being win-win-win – with the third “win” referring to small, meaningful wins for all or most of a target market – the way appearances should be used is… Read More

The Other Ambush: Standing Up for What’s Right when Sponsors Don’t

Normally, when the Olympics roll around, I’m having a field day picking apart sponsorship strategies and, in particular, analysing the ambush marketing activities. Truth be told, ambush marketing gets me a bit giddy, lying as it does at the intersection of strategy and troublemaking. But this time around, the ambushers… Read More

Cover Girl? How the Heck did THAT Happen?

A funny thing happened when I got back from overseas a couple of weeks ago. I checked my email and there was one from a journalist I worked with on a story for Successful Meetings. It had a link to the magazine and article online. I clicked it, and there… Read More

Non-Profits, Watch Your (Sponsorship) Language!

I see a lot of sponsorship proposals from non-profits and I interact with many in workshops, and as clients. Something that is both counterproductive and alarmingly consistent is the use of seemingly positive terms that are, in fact, big red flags to sponsors. Below, I’ve outlined three of the worst… Read More