Great sponsorship isn’t just about skills

Top-notch skills are a big part of the equation, but it’s also about having a vision for what’s possible with sponsorship in your organisation. It’s about bringing the medium to life, and building enthusiasm for doing sponsorship well. It’s about inspiration and energy. It’s about confidence.

The trick is finding an expert who can deliver all of that, and has the credibility to get your stakeholders to buy in. That’s not always easy. The right trainer will leave your group eager for change, and ready to do it. But get it wrong, and it will be a wasted exercise.

Whether you’re training your team, elevating your partners’ approach, or bringing best practice to an industry group, I bring the content, tools, credibility, and delivery for maximum impact and maximum results.

Dig deeper into the options for of training with me, using the links below. If you’re interested in online training for sponsors and rightsholders, head over to the Online Sponsorship Training page.