Power Sponsorship in the Media

Over the years, I’ve written literally hundreds of articles for industry media, and been interviewed hundreds of times. Here’s a rundown of some of the more recent ones.


May 21

IE Vol 32, Issue 2 (IFEA magazine) – Last Generation Sponsorship Redux (cover article) – (Read)


Sept 20

Unofficial Partner Podcast – We Need to Talk About… the Sponsorship Market (Listen)

NY Women in Film & Television – Women Crush Wednesday Podcase (Listen)

NY Women in Film & Television – Best Practice advice for Targeting Corporate Sponsorship to Fund Your Film (Read)


Jun 20

Boston Herald – MLB has agreed to sell uniform sponsorships that will generate millions, but 2020 could be too soon (Read)


May 20

SportsGeek Podcast (Listen)


Mar 20

What Makes You Tick Podcast (Listen)


Sep 19

One-Zero Sponsorship Stories – Episode 1: Kim Skildum-Reid (Listen)

One-Zero Had It All (Read)

SportsPro Media – One-Zero Quick Fire Questions with Patrick Haslett (Read)


Aug 19

Has Conor McGregor’s Market Appeal Suffered a Knockout Blow? (Read)


Fall 19

IE, Vol 30, Issue 3 (IFEA magazine) – You’ve Got the Big Sponsor, Here’s How Not to Screw it Up


Summer 19

IE Vol 30, Issue 2 (IFEA magazine) – The First Sponsor Meeting (cover article)


Spring 19

IE Vol 30, Issue 1 (IFEA magazine) – How Do Sponsors Evaluate Sponsorship Proposals (cover article)


Winter 18

IE Vol 29, Issue 4 (IFEA magazine) – Disruptive Sponsorship (cover article)


Fall 18

IE Vol 29, Issue 3 (IFEA magazine) – How to Increase Sponsorship Revenue: Getting Creative with Benefits