Corruption and the Role of Corporate Sponsors

“FIFA is not in crisis,” according to FIFA President, Sepp Blatter. When pressed by reporters, he responded, “I am the President of FIFA. You cannot question me.” Well, as long as he says so… (cue eye roll). According to media and the blogosphere, FIFA is corrupt. It seems to be… Read More

The Effect of “Something Big” on Selling Sponsorship

Sad, but true… there is not an infinite pool of sponsor money. And when “something big” comes along, it can be a game changer, at least for a period of time. What constitutes “something big”? It is usually either a mega-event – along the lines of the Olympics or a… Read More

Bidding on Sponsorship? A Very Bad Idea

I have a confession. I love eBay. Most recent score: Outdoor couch for about 75% off. Yay! The thing is, I knew what I was getting. I had checked out the same style of couch in a shop, and the manufacturer would have made thousands of them, so one was… Read More

Asking the Wrong Questions: Sponsorship by the Numbers

“How many tickets to the event should we get for a silver package?” “What proportion of our sponsorship portfolio should be made up of sports, arts, community events, etc?” “How much should we spend on leverage for an $X sponsorship?” “What should our target ROI be for this sponsorship?” I… Read More

And Now for the Bad News… All of It… In One Place

I hate telling people bad news. I especially hate giving bad news to earnest, well-meaning sponsorship seekers who have no idea what they’re doing. For so many of them, the sponsorship they want is the difference between an event happening or not, making money or not, keeping their job or… Read More

Sponsorship Lie #243: We’re Engaged!

Sponsor after sponsor tells this lie. Of course, they don’t think it’s a lie, but that doesn’t make it true. This is the typical exchange: Me: So, what are you trying to achieve out of this sponsorship? What are your objectives? Sponsor: We want to engage with our target markets.… Read More

What is the Greatest Sponsorship Innovation of Modern Times?

I recently saw the following, excellent question on Twitter and was asked to put in my two-cent’s worth: What is the greatest sports marketing innovation of modern times? While most of the respondents addressed innovations in the sports themselves – the games, the coverage, etc – which led to increased… Read More

How to Exit a Sponsorship

Looking at the title, I think I probably should have been more specific. I mean, there are dozens of ways to exit a sponsorship, including telling your partner to “get stuffed”, berating them for your own shortcomings, or simply not responding to any of their calls at renewal time. While… Read More

Sponsorship Lie #212: “There’s Still Time!”

One of the first things I do every day is check out what’s happening on LinkedIn. It’s such a great resource for advice and networking in our industry. One of the things I found this morning, however, was just a big fat lie. “There is still time to sponsor our… Read More

11 Good Reasons to Exit a Sponsorship (and 5 Bad Ones)

I was inspired by a great question I got today, and am writing a couple of blogs on exiting sponsorships. This one is about why you should and shouldn’t exit, the next one is about how to do it well. 11 good reasons to exit a sponsorship… It was never… Read More

Are You Really Selling Sponsorship?

I get dozens of emails and social media approaches every week from people looking for sponsorship of their website, blog, business, television show, documentary, education, or whatever. My issue with this isn’t that they are contacting me – I’m happy to hear from any of you! – but that so… Read More

Think an Online Form Will Make Sponsorship Selection Easier? Think Again!

I’ve recently been involved in a lively discussion on LinkedIn about the value of online sponsorship submission forms. The response has been divided, to say the least. Some people advocate their use, citing two main reasons: It allows for an apples-to-apples comparison of properties. It is a faster way of… Read More