Sponsorship White Papers & Templates

Power Sponsorship has become very well-known for the wealth of resources provided at no cost to visitors. Links to download our free white papers and tools are below. White papers are provided in PDF format. Tools are provided in MS Word, so you can customise them. Just click the document title to get to the description and download link.


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Sponsorship white papers

“Disruptive Sponsorship: Like Disruptive Marketing, Only Better”

The deeper follow-up to “Last Generation Sponsorship”, this paper covers how sponsorship broke the ground that disruptive marketing is now claiming, how sponsorship is going to stay at the forefront by bringing more meaning to the equation than any other marketing media possibly can, and how both sponsors and rightsholder can benefit from shifting their approach to meaning-based sponsorship.

Download PDF here

“Last Generation Sponsorship”

This blockbuster white paper on best practice sponsorship has been downloaded nearly a million times. It’s been fully updated, reflecting the framework of best practice sponsorship, around which you can build your sponsorship program. Download it for yourself. Download it for your partners. Download it for your boss, board, or colleague. This article is guaranteed to get anyone thinking more strategically about sponsorship.

Download PDF here

“Don’t Go to Another Sponsorship Conference Until You Read This”

All sponsorship conferences are NOT created equal. This great guide will help you sort the good from the bad (and make organisers of the bad ones really miserable, if you want to).

Download PDF here

“Top Ten Tips for Sponsorship Seekers”

This recently updated and expanded white paper is a must read for rightsholders, particularly if you’re new to the game.

Download PDF here

“What Every CMO Needs to Know About Sponsorship”

Aimed at corporate chief marketing officers, this white paper offers advice about the high-level decisions and directives that will impact on sponsorship results, and how to avoid the pitfalls that will undermine them.

Download PDF here


Sponsorship tools

These are MS Word documents that you can customise to reflect your own organisation’s situation.

“Generic Inventory”

This is a fantastic creativity and customisation tool for rightsholders, but can also be used by sponsors, to expand your thinking on what benefits have value.

Download MS Word document here

“Sponsorship Guidelines”

This template is a quick and easy way for sponsors to make it clear to potential partners what your objectives are, who you’re targeting, what your brand is about, and what you expect from partners and proposals.

Download MS Word document here