Online training

Comprehensive sponsorship

After a tough 2020, the sponsorship industry is rebounding, but for many of us, the game has changed. Sponsors need to be shrewder, work their sponsorships harder, and be more accountable than ever for meaningful results against objectives. Rightsholders need to be nimbler, more creative, and ready to match those sponsors’ increasing expectations.

I’ve now developed a set of online sponsorship training courses, adapted from my highly regarded workshops for sponsors and rightsholders, and fully updated for 2021. There are comprehensive courses, featuring more video content than I can present in a full-day, in-person workshop. There are also topic-driven short courses, so you can learn specific skills, and learn them fast.

The comprehensive courses are jam-packed with content, featuring a mix of…

  • Best practice theory, and the trends and technology driving sponsorship results
  • Lots of case studies and examples, picked specifically to illustrate different angles and ideas, which you can use for your own organisations
  • Practical skills and how-to
  • Advice, angles, and reality checks
  • Comprehensive, whiteboard-style brainstorm exercises, showing you exactly how each brainstorm works, and providing you with ideas that you can borrow and adapt for your own organisations

If you’re after a crash course in one major area of sponsorship, I also offer short courses. Short courses are made up of key segments of the comprehensive training, ranging from 45 minutes to 2.75 hours in length.

All courses include:

  • Downloadable PDFs of every presentation, in PPT style
  • Downloadable resources and recommended homework
  • Discussion enabled on all lessons, allowing you to comment or ask questions of your fellow students or me. I will be monitoring these discussions and answering questions
  • Course completion certificate

Comprehensive training also includes:

  • Access to three, invitation-only, live Ask-Me-Anything sessions with me
  • 30 days’ full access, so you can work through the course at your own pace

Use the links below to get more details for online training for rightsholders, register your interest in online training for corporate sponsors, or check out reviews for my workshops.