Sponsorship Coaching

Have one of the world’s most respected sponsorship experts as your on-call advisor

Kim Skildum-Reid is a leader and groundbreaker in the field of best practice sponsorship, trusted advisor and collaborator for a blue-chip roster of clients, author of industry bestsellers, The Corporate Sponsorship Toolkit and The Sponsorship Seeker’s Toolkit, author of The Ambush Marketing Toolkit, and frequent commentator to major business media.

Now, you can have Kim as your on-call advisor, providing feedback and answering your questions on the specific challenges faced by your organisation.

Coaching is available for both sponsors and sponsorship seekers (consultants only by prior arrangement) and can cover any sponsorship-related areas, including:

  • Strategy and policy development
  • Leverage and measurement planning
  • Proposal development
  • Negotiation issues
  • Navigating management and internal issues
  • Getting through a creative dry spell
  • Supporting a new or inexperienced team

Whether it’s hardcore strategic assistance or just picking the brains of one of the industry’s heaviest hitters, there is a coaching option that will be right for you.

Why coaching?

There are a number of reasons your organisation would opt for professional sponsorship coaching over a standard consultancy:

  • You want access to the expertise of a top consultant, without the cost or commitment of a full consultancy.
  • Your team is smart and committed, but lacks experience.
  • You are significantly elevating your approach to sponsorship and need some expert feedback to ensure your big plans start right and stay on track.

Types of coaching available

Whether it’s serious strategic assistance or just picking the brains of one of the industry’s heaviest hitters, there is a coaching option that will be right for you.

With either coaching option, the coaching session(s) can be carried out one-on-one or using a conference call or videoconference (Skype) setup, allowing you to get more input and/or buy-in from colleagues.

Individual sessions

Each session includes time allocated for reviewing key background materials, 30 minutes of phone or Skype video coaching – which can be recorded – and a short written overview of key insights, recommendations, and any recommended reference material.

  • Individual sessions are most appropriate to organisations that want to:
  • Get frank feedback on one or two documents (eg, a proposal, leverage plan, sponsorship job spec, etc)
  • Address tactical issues
  • Reinvigorate a project that has stagnated
  • Prepare for a key negotiation or renegotiation
  • “Pick the brain” of a top sponsorship expert
  • Session are available individually or in packages of three, and are most appropriate to addressing tactical issues, frank feedback on one or two documents (ie, a proposal), or simply “brain picking”.

Support packages

Support packages are available in three and six month increments. Support packages are most appropriate for organisations that:

  • Are taking a new strategic direction
  • Have many issues or a complex process to get through
  • Have a new or inexperienced team that needs some expert support
  • Want the on-call support of an external consultant without the cost

This type of coaching is more flexible and less structured than individual sessions, allowing for fluctuations in the level and type of support provided. You may need intensive assistance with a negotiation issue one week and several hours of strategy review and feedback in another, and support packages provide that kind of flexibility.


There are four options for coaching packages:

  • Single session – $700
  • Three sessions – $1,800
  • Three-month support package – $4,200
  • Six-month support package – $7,500

All pricing is in US$. 10% GST will be added to the coaching fee shown below for Australian coaching clients. Australian coaching clients will be provided with a tax invoice in Australian dollars, showing the current exchange rate.

If you want to pay by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, a PayPal invoice will be generated for secure, online payment. If you prefer to pay by electronic funds transfer, we will provide an invoice that includes all banking details.

Please note, payment of coaching fees indicates acceptance of Power Sponsorship’s Coaching Terms and Conditions. Please take a minute to familiarise yourself with those Terms and Conditions.


If you think coaching with Kim Skildum-Reid might be right for you, you have a few options:

If you’ve read this and think you may need more assistance than coaching can provide, you are welcome to check out our consulting options or our newest offering for sponsorship seekers, the Power Sponsorship Jump Start.

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