I’m Kim Skildum-Reid, and Power Sponsorship is my company.

If you’re looking for my bio, I’m happy to send you a copy. It’s long and drops lots of names, but it doesn’t say much about why I do this, and what it’s like to work with me.

I’ve spent my entire adult life in the sponsorship industry, and I absolutely love it. Sponsorship sits at the intersection between strategic and creative thinking, it changes all the time, and it involves a lot of fun, interesting stuff that people really care about. Seriously, what’s not to love about museums and charities and events and sport?! Helping my clients see and harness that magic for their organisations and brands is my mission.

My approach to sponsorship is to give it to you straight. Sugar-coating bad news, or suggesting a tweak here or there, when what’s really required is an overhaul, doesn’t do clients or this industry any favours. I back up those blunt assessments with a comprehensive roadmap for making and measuring improvements. You’ll see that approach in all of my client work, as well as in my bestselling sponsorship books, blogs, white papers, and video tutorials. You can see the impact by reading some of my hundreds of training reviews.

When you hire Power Sponsorship, you’re hiring me, as I personally handle all strategy, training, and coaching work. Unlike many consultancies, your project will never get passed along to a junior staffer. There are no junior staffers. I do work with very capable admin, researchers, and other support people, but they don’t do any client work.

I spend a lot of time on planes, working with clients around the world, from my home base in Sydney, Australia. As part of my job, I’ve have had the privilege of seeing some amazing places and doing some amazing things. From Lagos to Helsinki, Papua New Guinea to Montreal, Shanghai to New York, plus Durban, Dublin, Dubai, and so many more. What an adventure this has been!

On the personal side, I’m a retired rugby second rower, and have been boxing for well over fifteen years. I sing alternative, grunge, and punk with a band, and what I lack in singing talent, I make for up with enthusiasm! I’ve got a yellow lab, named “Kevin L7”, who spends most afternoons snoozing and snoring next to my desk. I love the Sydney Swans, hot laps, a good cheeseburger, and an icy cold cider.

I hope our paths cross someday.

If you want to drop me a line, or connect on social media, here’s where you’ll find me.