Books by Kim Skildum-Reid

Kim Skildum-Reid has three books currently in print:

  • The Corporate Sponsorship Toolkit – The brand new book for sponsors (and anyone who works with them). Also available for Kindle/ePub.
  • The Sponsorship Seeker’s Toolkit 4th Edition – The classic, often referred to as “the bible of sponsorship”.
  • The Ambush Marketing Toolkit – How to do it, and how to stop it happening to you.

For more on all of these, we recommend checking them out on Amazon. They are also available from other good booksellers worldwide.


The Sponsorship Seeker's Toolkit, Fourth Edition (Paperback)

by Kim Skildum-Reid


The Sponsorship Seeker's Toolkit, fourth edition, makes cutting-edge, best-practice sponsorship not only achievable, but sensible and straightforward. Corporate sponsorship experts Kim Skildum-Reid and Anne-Marie Grey have updated their classic guide to put you miles ahead of the competition.

New material includes the integration of social media into existing strategies, developing leverage ideas for proposals, more case studies than ever, and important trends in the world of corporate sponsorship.


"This book leads you step-by-step through the choices you have to make throughout the process, from gathering internal support to renewal. I have never read a better how-to book on seeking sponsors." -- AD MAATJENS, Founder and Director, Sponsorreport

"One of the best and most thorough how-to books in fundraising! A must-read orientation for nonprofits considering transforming their approach or venturing into the exciting world of sponsorship!" -- KYLA SHAWYER, Chair of the International Fundraising Congress (IFC), Chief Operating Officer, SCIA – International Alliance

"The Sponsorship Seeker's Toolkit contains all the information you'll need to successfully develop, deliver, and manage a best-practice sponsorship program, using an easy-to-understand, step-by-step process supported by useful case studies and example templates." -- KYM OBERAUER, founder of

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The Corporate Sponsorship Toolkit (Paperback)

by Kim Skildum-Reid

Sponsorship is a privilege—don't abuse it. When you use sponsorship to build a brand, you are using the most powerful marketing tool you have. Why? Because you have the privilege of connecting with people and building relationships with them through something they have already decided they care about. Get it right and your results will skyrocket. Get it wrong and you could easily damage your brand. This comprehensive manual for corporate sponsorship will guide you through the mindset, strategies, and tactics to develop amazing, best-practice sponsorships that add value to people’s event experiences and nurture your connection with those target markets, building preference, loyalty, and advocacy for real impact on your bottom line. This toolkit is packed with straightforward tools, techniques, templates, checklists, and resources—many of which are also provided on the included CD-ROM—to assist novices, seasoned professionals, and senior executives alike in getting the most from their sponsorship investments, doing it cost-effectively, and measuring the results.

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The Ambush Marketing Toolkit (Paperback)

by Kim Skildum-Reid

Make the most of ambush marketing

There is a myth that it's only major sponsors of huge events that get ambushed. The truth is that ambush marketing goes on at all levels of the sponsorship industry, from small charities to industry associations, festivals and the Soccer World Cup.

In a world first, bestselling author Kim Skildum-Reid puts her more than 20 years of sponsorship marketing experience into the topic of ambush marketing.

The Ambush Marketing Toolkit (with accompanying CD) provides sponsors, events, and prospective ambushers with a no holds barred, strategic approach to ambush prevention and the mounting of a successful ambush.

“When conceptualized and managed on a superficial level, sponsors can be easily ambushed by competitors - those who are able to build stronger and more meaningful relationships with the target audience despite their non-sponsor status. And that's why most marketers should be itching to gat hold of The Ambush Marketing Toolkit, because no one likes to be ambushed, especially when it equates to shooting yourself in the foot.”--Suzanne Pollock, AMAMI for the Australian Marketing Institute

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