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Sponsorship Industry Scammer, Matthew Delmore, Sentenced to Federal Prison

Matthew Delmore was sentenced in US Federal Court today, 29 October 2021, for his role as the leader and primary beneficiary of a sponsorship broker scam. Two companies run by Delmore, Alpha Sponsorship Consulting and Prestige Sponsorship, aggressively targeted charities and events across the United States. According to court documents,… Read More

Why Sponsorship Leverage is Like Boxing

After four months of lockdown, I was finally back in the boxing gym yesterday and wow, am I sore today. Actually, it’s not the muscles I use for punching that are sore, it’s the back muscles I use for recoiling after a punch and getting ready for the next one.… Read More

Getting to “Yes”: Online Sponsorship Training Giveaway

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who applied for one of the four complementary registrations for my online #sponsorship training, Getting to “Yes”. I actually got so many applications – and they were so good – that I picked SIX of them! The winners are from Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Finland, New Zealand,… Read More

Should We Bother Measuring Sponsorship Awareness or Exposure at All?

I’ve been getting this question often, of late. The good news is that most of the sponsors that ask have moved on from visibility-based metrics as their primary sponsorship measurement strategy, and are now measuring against overall marketing objectives, using a broad range of metrics. The bad news is that,… Read More

What Is the Role of a Sponsorship Sales Manager?

A little while back, I wrote a blog about the role of a corporate sponsorship manager, which should be a much broader role than it’s usually specced. But sponsors are by no means alone in defining sponsorship roles too narrowly. When we look at the other side of the equation… Read More

Ronaldo and Coca-Cola Make It Clear: It’s Time for Major Rightsholders to Grow Up

“Cristiano Ronaldo snub wipes billions off Coca-Cola’s market value.” That was the 16 June headline in The Guardian. But they were hardly alone, with one after another major media outlet breathlessly decrying the supposed power of one superstar athlete to damage a global brand with a momentary gesture. The problem… Read More

Sponsors: How to Increase Sponsorship Sophistication and Results Across a Large Organisation

You’re the Chief Marketing Officer of a large multinational, or a Group Marketing Manager. Whatever your title, you’re a senior executive looking at millions of dollars being invested in corporate sponsorship across your company, and you know there are problems. Some of the decisions appear to lack rigour. Some brands… Read More

How to Manage (or Get Rid of) a Senior Executive’s Pet Sponsorship

In many ways, the Global Financial Crisis of 07-08 was one of the best things that ever happened to the sponsorship industry. As the level of sponsor accountability rose at an astronomic rate, the level of sophistication required rose right along with it. For many companies, it also saw the… Read More

Can Sponsors Help Teams Sell Tickets?

That was the question I had to address at a conference a while back. My opinion? Of course sponsors can help teams sell tickets. Great sponsors are not only adding value to the fan experience, but they’re engendering advocacy for that experience, and bringing that fan experience to their own… Read More

Top 11 Sponsorship Proposal Killers

I see a lot of sponsorship proposals, and most of them are terrible. Your property may be amazing, but if your proposal is awful, you’re not going to get a “yes”. The thing is that there are a number of red flags – proposal killers – that sponsors can spot… Read More