Sponsors: How to Keep Rightsholders from Stealing Your Leverage Ideas

If your company sponsors a major event or professional sporting organisation, there is every chance that they will require you to submit your leverage plan for their approval, well in advance of the event or season. This seems reasonable enough. They are ensuring that sponsors are actually going to do… Read More

If You Can’t Explain Sponsorship to Your Grandma, You’ve Got It All Wrong

“If you can’t explain it to your grandmother, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein I love that quote, and it is so appropriate for our industry. We so often overcomplicate what we do, but in my experience, the people only overcomplicate sponsorship when they don’t really understand… Read More

7 Lies Media Tell about Sponsorship

Media is a tough business, and it’s getting tougher every day. With declining revenues and, in so many cases, staff reductions, fewer people are expected to do a good job covering more subjects and more stories. Books and blogs about getting media coverage are always telling marketers to take advantage… Read More

New Video: Sponsorship Proposal Basics in About 15 Minutes

After almost seven years, over 137,000 views, and a lot of amazing feedback, I’ve fully updated my most popular video tutorial, “Sponsorship Proposal Basics in About 10 Minutes”. The new version, “Sponsorship Proposal Basics in About 15 Minutes” is longer (obviously), and fully up-to-date with best practice advice and strategies.… Read More

Dear Sponsors, Fans Don’t Owe You Anything

There is a “Coke ad” that did the rounds a few years ago Facebook and Twitter. It’s a collaboration between a few people, including mystery artist, Banksy. The language is rude, but if you can handle the f-word, you should stop and take a look at that “ad” now. If this… Read More

What is the Role of a Corporate Sponsorship Manager?

I’ve written blog after blog after article after book about the collaborative nature of sponsorship; how it requires both broad buy-in and a commitment to leverage from a range of stakeholders; and that brand managers are generally the ones who approve sponsorship spend. So, if sponsorship decisions and leverage are… Read More

Should We Hire a Sponsorship Valuation Service?

Selling sponsorship is hard. Even if you do it perfectly, you’ll still hear “no” more than “yes”, and if your skills are less than best practice, you’re probably not hearing “yes” very often. If you’re struggling, you probably want some way to demonstrate what great value for money you’re going… Read More

How Not to Sell Sponsorship: A Guide for Charities

Organisations with charitable status often have enormous commercial potential, but more often than not, that potential goes unrealised. Instead, most charitable organisations make one big mistake after another, with the result being sponsorship income that is a fraction of what it could be. So, I’m going to go through some… Read More

This Is What Ambush Marketing Looks Like

Back in 2010, soccer fans were gripped with anticipation over the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Also in that year, Valentine’s Day happened to fall on a match day. Puma seized on that to create a viral campaign that captured both the passion and the imagination of soccer fans.… Read More

Sponzillas: How to Deal with a Sponsor that Bullies

Sponsors are becoming more and more strategic in how they make new investments. They’re embarking on strong relationships that are negotiated and leveraged so they benefit the rightsholder and the fans, as well as the sponsor. Mutuality rules the day, as sponsors see that when their partners do better, so… Read More

9 Secrets of Amazing Sponsors [Infographic]

I’m asked all the time what separates truly amazing, best practice sponsors from the also-rans. And although the specific strategies and techniques could fill a book – specifically, The Corporate Sponsorship Toolkit – I’ve distilled the basic differences between great sponsors and also-rans down to nine. View 9 Secrets of… Read More

How to Respond to Sponsorship Spam

OMG, I get a lot of sponsorship spam. I bet I average a dozen or more spamsorship emails a day, and they all say virtually the same thing: Greetings! (No name, because that would mean they’d have to do some actual work.) We need money for blah-blah-blah (usually with a… Read More