Best of Sponsorship Crisis Management Resources

If you’re in a sponsorship crisis, and need some advice right now, you might find some useful insights in these blogs. They cover contract issues, internal politics, sponsorship brokers, and recession/pandemic.

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Contract issues

What Should a Sponsor Do If a Rightsholder Doesn’t Deliver Contracted Benefits?

Sponsor Alert: Sponsorship Seekers are Now Stealing Your Leverage Ideas

Should Sponsorship Be an Extension of a Sponsor’s Marketing Plan?

Sponzillas: How to Deal with a Sponsor Who Bullies

Action Plan: What to Do when a Big Sponsor Exits

Internal politics

What Should You Do When Your Board Sets Unrealistic Sponsorship Targets?

How to Manage (or Get Rid of) a Senior Executive’s Pet Sponsorship

Sponsorship brokers

How to Spot a Sponsorship Broker Scam (and One Broker You Should Avoid)

Recession and pandemic

Should a Sponsor Exit if an Event is Cancelled?

Sponsorship in a Recession: A Sponsor’s Guide

Recession-Proofing Your Sponsorship Program: A Rightsholder’s Guide

Sponsorship Downturn Consulting – Work with me on planning around sponsorship budget cuts