9 Secrets of Amazing Sponsors [Infographic]

I’m asked all the time what separates truly amazing, best practice sponsors from the also-rans. And although the specific strategies and techniques could fill a book – specifically, The Corporate Sponsorship Toolkit – I’ve distilled the basic differences between great sponsors and also-rans down to nine.

The nine things great sponsors get right are in the infographic below. Clearly, nobody is going to be able to fit everything you need to know to elevate your approach to best practice in one infographic, but it’s a starting place. If you read this and realise you’re missing some, or even all, of these components in your sponsorship approach, you need to make changes and you need to make them now. Every sponsorship contract is a timer ticking down, and every day you’re doing less than an outstanding job at sponsorship, you’re wasting opportunity.

What should you do? As a start, check out these resources:

You might also want to have a good look around this blog, starting with the topics “blogs for sponsors“, “sponsorship leverage“, and “sponsorship measurement“.

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