Sponsorship, Data, and Maximising Brand Returns [Infographic]

Sponsorship, data, and maximising brand returnsWith the huge, new focus on developing giant data sets – for analytics, for micro-targeting – some sponsors have lost their way on sponsorship, shifting the focus from people and passion to data acquisition. 

I can see the appeal. When data drives so much about marketing, more data is better, right? Not if it causes you to ignore the gigantic and powerful marketing opportunity that sponsorship presents. Concentrating on data acquisition within a sponsorship is like standing right in front of someone you’d like to ask on a date, but instead of striking up a conversation, you’re staring at your phone, doing background research on him or her, and missing your big opportunity.

I’ve prepared this infographic to illustrate the differences between data-focused sponsorship and fan-focused sponsorship, the pros and cons, and how each approach impacts on brand results.

View Sponsorship, Data, and Maximising Brand Returns (PDF)


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