Sponsorship Partner Training

Improve their skills, improve your relationship

Rightsholders, are your sponsors getting the most out of their sponsorships? Are they thoroughly leveraging the investments? Measuring the real impacts? If not, your sponsors are risking results, and you’re risking renewals. If you want to keep your sponsors happy and renewing, partner training could be just what you need.

Sponsors, you know how much harder it is to work with unsophisticated rightsholders. It takes more time and money to get a good result, and you wonder sometimes if the headaches are worth it. Maybe you have a big portfolio of community sponsorships, and they just don’t understand how sponsorship works, or how to be real partners. Or maybe you have a few properties that are just phoning it in. If it would make your job easier to have more engaged, better skilled partners, partner training could be the answer.


Partner training with Kim Skildum-Reid

Training your partners is a fast, effective way to improve your relationships, your results, and theirs.

These group sessions typically last for a half- or full-day, bringing an array of organisations together for an insightful, practical, fun session for your key contacts and, ideally, their teams. Partner training can also be combined with in-house training or a strategy session for your own team.

Benefits of training your sponsors

  • Creates a vision for what sponsoring your property can do for their brand
  • Broadens the kinds of benefits they value
  • Walks sponsor teams through the leverage process, so they leave the session with a draft leverage plan
  • Shows sponsors how to effectively measure their own sponsorships
  • Sets you up for a strong, strategic renewal

Benefits of training the organisations you sponsor

  • Clarifies exactly who you’re targeting and what you’re trying to achieve
  •  Increases flexibility and responsiveness
  •  Bolsters rightsholders’ ability to come up with creative, strategic benefits and leverage ideas for you
  •  Builds an understanding of the importance of internal sell-in, and how they can help you with it


Why you want me leading your partner training session

If you’re going to invite partners for a training session, it has to be good. You need to have a trainer with strong industry credibility, and a track record of delivering high quality, relevant, and immediately useful skills.

That credibility will drive participation. It will drive your partners to bring their teams, upskilling them and building creativity and buy-in. And it will add big value to your relationships. Please check out a list of just some of my sponsorship consulting and training clients, sponsorship training testimonials, and lots of reviews from workshop participants.



If you’re interested in discussing partner training, please drop me a line and tell me a bit about your organisation and what you have in mind. We can then set up a Zoom or phone call to discuss your requirements, before I put together a proposal for you.


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