Sponsorship Workshop Feedback

Every year, I offer a limited number of public workshops for both sponsors and rightsholders. Here is just a small sampling of their feedback. I’ve also included participants’ responses to the question, “Do you believe you will be able to implement your new skills in your organisation?”. Click here to skip down to those responses.

I am so excited about the results I can produce and the buy-in I can generate/influence within my organisation. Love the course structure. Great Job! Incredible value – info, strategies, resources, network, coaching, expertise. You rock, Kim! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and expertise.

Fiona Cullen, Australian University Sport

Kim, you are the most inspirational sponsorship person in the world. This is my third workshop with you in the last nine years and I will keep coming!!

Lucy Anastasiadou-Hobbs, Hamilton City Council

Thank you very much for an engaging and motivating few days.

Haydn Chinn, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Best part was breaking down the value add of sponsorships. Reviewing from the ground up makes it easy to understand why we actually engage in sponsorships.

Nick Johnson, Playstation Australia

Totally applicable immediately!! Good balance of theory presentation with case study examples AND practical workshopping through the process start-to-finish. Kim’s experience of working on both sides of the fence – rightholder and sponsor – means she can tell you what the other party needs/wants/doesn’t want.

Lawrence West, NBL

Best aspects of the workshop? Everything! A whole new world has been opened up to me. Awesome, clear, concise information and materials, and you are a fantastic, engaging, entertaining facilitator.

Nicole Kielly-Coleman, QUT

Thank you for a great workshop. I’m busting with ideas! This was my first formal training in sponsorship after working in the industry for a few years. All the content was really valuable.

Louise Lynch, CGU

Thank you for an awesome two days – literally the best two days of content in any course/seminar I’ve been to.

Dianne McAteer, Northern Mystics

I loved the practical, step-by-step nature of the course. I could totally see how it could apply to my job. Also loved Kim’s style of presentation and workshopping. Thank you so much for the insight!!

Ashleigh Vreeburg, TVNZ

Kim moves at pace. A lot of quality content covered. Really appreciate the depth of experience and IP sharing.

Bec Williams, IRONMAN

Having access to the steps and confidence from allying it to real world projects in the session has made me certain we can implement these skills in our organisation.

Carly Koss, Tennis Queensland

Kim is amazing!

Debbie Chin, Air New Zealand

Kim, your workshops were fantastic! I cannot wait to implement your techniques into my workplace. I loved seeing real life examples and creating real, simple, and exciting leverage ideas that can be easily transferred across a range of our programs and events. Look forward to putting it all into practice. Will be back next year!

Ashleigh Lowe, Cairns Regional Council

Excellent course that was engaging and worthwhile to take part in. Big thanks to Kim for being such an amazing presenter and facilitator.

Nick Peters, Mazda Australia

[This workshop] has blown apart my set ideas about sponsoring. Great workshop.

Thunes Cloete, Waitaki District Council

The best aspect was the strategic focus of the course. I had attended other courses and was worried this might be the same. This was an excellent, engaging presentation that has made me re-examine our approach to sponsorship.

Annalisa Millar, Questacon

Excellent presentation skills. Engaging workshop on leveraging and sponsorship measurement.

Tony Leggett, NZX Agri

Lots of light bulb moments. Excited to change the way we work with sponsors. Lots of opportunities.

Louise Harvey, Hawke’s Bay Rescue Helicopter Trust

Great workshop! Everything was so clearly explained, interesting, and interactive.

Zillah Bishop, RAC WA

Covered a wide range of relevant tools to better manage our sponsorship portfolio. Great, accessible case studies. I liked the ability to put tools into practice with other participants.

Jenny Burke, Genesis Energy

The best part was keeping the admin in the book and learning more about involving the company and the partners in the process.

Elizabeth Anglesey, The Lines Company

Relevant, to the point. It explains and makes us so aware of what we need to be to obtain and keep a sponsor. The hands-on nature makes it so real. Kim, your enthusiasm and learnings you are prepared to share with us are so inspiring. I have learned some amazing skills and feel I can carry so many of them forward in future roles.

Carol Harris, ICC Cricket World Cup

The practical brainstorm was great. So easy and well-executed, and definitely a tactic that I’ll be using with the stakeholders internally.

Nikita Mehta, HCF

Everything about this workshop was great!! I’ve enjoyed every minute. It’s so full of insight, revelations, and new knowledge.

Emily Gaffikin, Christchurch Casinos Ltd

Really useful session. Glad I attended.

Amy McNicol, AIG

Really enjoyed the two day workshop. Was very informative and learnt new skills that I can’t wait to put into action. I always felt sponsorship procurement was a bit scary. Now, I feel that I can be more confident with an approach to a potential sponsor. Thanks, Kim.

Deb Parsons, Events South Australia

This has been a fantastic workshop. I think it is great value and I have come away with a huge amount of ideas, but also much more confidence in how to approach our sponsorship.

Julie Paterson, Northern Mystics

I loved Kim’s energy and logical proess to challenge marketing and sponsorship misconceptions. The training is a must for rightsholders, brands, marketers, and agencies.

Brad Manuel, Adelaide Crows

The best aspect is Kim’s hands-on approach – not just being talked at. This philosophy of sponsorship is wonderful – makes sense and feels doable. It’s a springboard to a new way of doing business.

Helen Papadimitriou, Optometry Victoria

Thank you for a fantastic day. It was life-changing for me and my career! Will absolutely be recommending this course and your books to everyone.”

Sarah Nickson-Clark, Mediaworks

The best aspect was the clear explanation of the methodology to develop a sponsorship proposal, the practical approach, and ideas.

James Walker, Collingwood Football Club

Entertaining while also being hugely informative. I felt I was discovering endless invisible insights into the world of sponsorship – money can’t buy stuff. Thank you!

Caroline Nelson, New Zealand Opera

Thank you for a wonderful, inspiring, thought-provoking, and relevant session.

Rebekah Godbold, Queensland Symphony Orchestra

The workshop was loaded with info, and Kim is a concise and succinct presenter.

Jann Hing, Australian Institute of Training and Development

Two full days jammed with practical inspiration and direction – delivered in a dynamic and entertaining style. Wish I’d heard all of this years ago.

Luisa Schroder, Tauranga Community Trust

Really enthusiastic and passionate speaker that makes learning enjoyable and easy. I enjoyed the practical brainstorms that help you develop the skills being taught. I also liked the case studies and examples of sponsorships that really get it!

Benoit Morana, Cancer Council Australia

I enjoyed changing the traditional thinking and reversing expectations. Thank you, very insightful.

Nick Rowland, Side by Side Partnerships

The presenter was motivated and passionate. I’m pleased I attended, as the content was very useful.

Nyia Srachan, Alpine Energy

Loved the case studies and practical exercises. Great speaker, down to earth, kept me engaged the whole time!

Kirsty Deuss, CORE Education

Excellent speaker with valuable knowledge. Excellent topics, which were very relevant. Kim is very engaging and she really knows her stuff!

Veejal Chauhan, The Skills Organisation

Really practical advice. Lots of discussion in the workshop amongst attendees. It’s given me the confidence to reframe our offer.

Sarah Meikle, Wellington Culinary Events Trust

I really enjoyed Kim’s hands-on approach, and that she took the time to get to know our organisations and unique challenges. The processes are applicable to any organisations, and Kim proved that.

Sonia Casanova, Thrive Riverina

Gave me structure/steps to follow. Really knowledgeable presenter – Kim was awesome. I enjoyed working with others in my line of work. Kim, you’re amazing – I’m in awe!

Kelly Walden, EMA

Great content. Was awesome to attend a conference 100% relatable to my job.

Matt Quinn, New Zealand Golf

The best part was the group work and opportunity to apply learned knowledge straightaway.

Matthew Henry, Australian Ballet

Great theory that can easily be applied practically. Awesome two days!

Vanessa Thompson, Christchurch Arts Festival Trust

Information overload, well-delivered. All relevant information. Kim, you’re great at your job! Thank you.

Cushla Tangaere-Manuel, East Coast Rugby Union

Excellent presenter. I liked the fact that we got the basics prior to the event, so we could cover a lot more. The workshopping section was very useful – it was a chance to see it in practice.

Jane O’Loughlin, EECA

Your presentation skills, passion, and knowledge are fantastic.

Jad Maserow, Sydney Swans

Perfect, step-by-step guide to help refocus and implement. Thanks so much. It was a fun and engaging session and left me inspired and motivated to get started!

Clare Wolfensohn, Westpac Stadium

Your approach is great. You held my attention the entire time. All the knowledge in this has been priceless.

Kaylie Bradley, Canterbury A&P Show

The real life case examples were really helpful and provided a lot of context.

Alexandra Binaco, Wellington Culinary Events Trust

Reinforcing the journey I’m undertaking with our sponsorship portfolio is the right thing (to realign) and gave me further tools to sell in my future vision.

Sean Craigen, IAG Insurance

Learned a lot in terms of how to break down various aspects of creating a proposal. A more scientific methodology into doing things than just being ‘creative’ and winging it and putting logos on everything. This workshop taught me how to add real value to my sponsors.

Jillian Ilagan, ASEAN Basketball League

Enjoyed the activities/exercises – love all the ideas! As a seeker [attending the sponsor workshop], it was really good to hear the difficulties the sponsors in the room are experiencing.

Josh Chant, 33 South Racing

Enjoyed learning the process of creating leveraging ideas from a sponsor’s perspective, and the overall steps to go through before the proposal stage.

Jo Clark, Child Cancer Foundation

I have had the book for a while, however hearing, seeing, and experiencing this in person is the cream on the cake. My manager attended this conference last year. I can see so much of what we are learning here already implemented in the structure of our department.

Alicia Harris, Wellington Zoo

The workshop was fun. Thank you so much. It will be good to refresh our sponsorships with this framework.

Heather Gill, Beyond Bank Australia

The best workshop I’ve ever attended, because it’s so practical and has the take-homes to be able to implement the knowledge.

Craig Sinclair, Thrive Riverina

Wonderful presentation. Learned a lot to refresh me. Cool ideas on approaches.

Simon Johnston, Stuff

Covered all aspects and Kim allowed time to answer individual questions. Really went beyond expectations and offered a lot of value.

Louise Belay, Hamilton City Council/Waikato Museum

Great ideas that have opened up many doors!

Mamie Wooden, NSW Department of Family and Community Services

The best aspects were Kim’s enduring energy throughout the day, the clear and logical delivery with participant interaction, portfolio review, and working through the examples as a group. Thanks, Kim. A great day for me.

Mandy McPhail, Ballance Agri-Nutrients

Kim you are completely inspirational, honest, down to earth, and real.

Nicole Ramage, New Zealand Recreation Association

Great workshop that demystified sponsorship!

Kate Bell, RAC WA

Kim was enthusiastic, inspiring, funny, and engaging. Liked the no-bullsh*t approach to what works and what doesn’t in getting to yes in sponsorship. Great presenter, great content, perfect amount/balance of practical and theory.

Kelly Sutton, Diving New Zealand

This course has been really enlightening and helped me to approach sponsorship with a stronger strategic focus. Kim’s experience and case studies are current and fresh, which reinforced the messages. As a newbie to sponsorship, I’m more confident that I will present a sophisticated proposal to potential sponsors and better leverage my own sponsorship opportunities. I’d highly recommend this course to others working on sponsorship deals.

Kelly Gage, Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority

Loved the brainstorming process – breaking down the steps. And pricing – we are way underselling!

Lucy Doig, New Zealand Racing Board

The best part was changing our mindset to sponsorship from fundraising. But more importantly, giving us a clear process/concept to follow to be successful. It couldn’t have come at a better time for us!

Daniel Warsaw, Wellington Zoo Trust

Kim is a fantastic, enthusiastic presenter.

Yasmina Pinto, HCF

Loved the straighforward approach and sharing of experience and stories around what works and what doesn’t work! Enjoyed understanding how to leverage existing sponsorships, how to evaluate and understand sponsorship requests, and how to take care of our fans!

Tania Miller, Meridian Energy Ltd

This workshop has a thorough, process-driven structure which provides real tools and examples that I can implement in my job. This new way of thinking/approach to sponsorships will greatly enhance my events.

David Blackwell, Fairfax Media

Clear and concise content, supported by anecdotal examples. Amazing presenter – great energy. Useful to attend with other people from our organisation. Can look at shared brainstorming and cross-organisational plans.

Tracey Wood, Hamilton City Council

Most comprehensive workshop I have ever been on. You’re awesome. I would like to bottle your enthusiasm! It’s contagious!

Keryn McElroy, Addington

The delivery was very concise and to the point. Content covered all aspects needed to move forward with sponsorship. The interactive approach was just right.

Jill Clapcott, Netball Northern Zone

Simplifying a complex landscape.

Megan Compain, New Zealand Rugby

Great workshop. I’m glad that I have finally been able to attend and sample Power Sponsorship in person.

Glenn Critchley, Vodafone Warriors

Enjoyed the end-to-end content, covering every aspect of the sponsorship process. Also enjoyed the mix of being able to be create, as well as the theory.

Nicola Peat, EMA

Excellent presenter, great real-life examples, powerful tools.

Steve Hassell, Royal Geelong Yacht Club

This workshop gave me a new perspective on sponsorship and opportunities.

Rob Baumann, Biersdorf Elastoplast

The workshop was very practical.

Sarah Sun, Wellington Night Market

The workshop was wonderful and really has helped to get my creative juices flowing.

Glinda Major, Teachers Mutual Bank

This was my first official sponsorship workshop and I found it really helpful.

Ashleigh Easthope, RAC WA

The workshop was a very engaging, simple to follow, and valuable experience.

Demi Tschappeller, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Fun and thought-provoking workshop that has provided me with a great tool kit to assist in maximising the value and return of my organisation’s sponsorship portfolio.

Karen de Tisi, RAC WA

Brilliant. Absolutely enjoyed the interactive sessions. Lots of fantastic ideas and new perspectives that I’ll be able to put into practice.

Sharon Moynagh, NZ Post

Highly relevent content that can be put into practice at work.

Amanda Lee, Sydney Living Museums

I like the emphasis on doability. I feel like I can walk out of here and take a step towars best practice sponsorship seeking, and help educate my team, sector, and colleagues on how we can better approach the (previously) daunting world of sponsorship.

Meg Davis, Creative Bay of Plenty

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and I am walking away bursting with ideas and concepts to take back to the Deni Ute Muster.

Claire Doyle, Deni Ute Muster

Great experience. Need to send more of our staff!!

Haley Tibbetts, MBA NSW

Some of the best aspects of the workshop was the customer experience focus, and Kim’s articulate description and storytelling.

Georgie Nicholas, Beyond Bank Australia

Interactive, example-driven, great takeaways.

Lee-Mor Reichman, CPA Australia

Looking forward to putting as much as possible into practice, and will be recommending your services to our partners.

Gareth McCarthy, Cricket NSW/Sydney Sixers

Great to tap into obvious expertise. Case studies are an excellent accompaniment to the theory.

Chris Warr, Aurora Energy

Thank you for the opportunity to attend this workshop. It has been brilliant. Lots of ‘light bulb’ moments, information, interesting and compelling.

Carolyn Todd, Hamilton City Council

Thanks for a great couple of days!

Michael O’Grady, Start to Finish Event Management

I will be following these steps with the major sponsorship I’m about to prep. This has given me a real confidence in that my pitch will be relevant and successful.

Dayna Comeskey, APN New Zealand

Head is full of ideas… thank you!!!

Phoebe Rouse, Brisbane Festival

I loved the step-by-step approach to coming up with ideas for sponsorship and leverage. Creating a background and profile for the target market was amazing.

Bailey Fissenden, The Skills Organisation

So relevant for me and loved it. Focused and intense for learning, but not boring. Highly recommend.

Jordan Goodall, Farmers Trading Co

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Do you believe you will be able to implement your new skills in your organisation?

I’ve also included participants’ responses to the question, “Do you believe you will be able to implement your new skills in your organisation?”. Here is a very small sample of the uniformly positive responses.

Hell yes!!

Ross Hamilton, Bartercard


Laney Galligan, ProBlogger

Yes, yes and yes! Win-win-win!

Tania Miller, Meridian Energy Ltd

Yes. I have been provided with short and long term strategies, which is fantastic!

Stephanie Clarke, Cricket NSW/Sydney Sixers

Yes! And quickly! Yeehaa!!!

Elizabeth Anglesey, The Lines Company


Craig Dontas, Clipsal 500

1000% Will do so immediately!

Anthony Grima, Football Federation Victoria

Absolutely YES!!

Nicholas Kwan, Sportswork Group

Yes, and I can’t wait to get back and do it!

Priscilla Barletta, Adelaide Fringe

Yes, absolutely.

Jennifer Devine, Bupa


Kendall Bascetta, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia

Yes 100%

Craig Ireson, Hastings District Council

Yes! I want to review all of our sponsorships now.

Jessica Williams, TIOTerritory Insurance Office

For sure. I have written down ideas already.

Heather Wallace, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Yes. I’ve already scheduled a workshop with my team.

Matthew Clayton, Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation


Bailey McCormack, Equestrian Sports NZ


Georgie Nicholas, Beyond Bank Australia


Felicity Davidson, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Most definitely. I am looking forward to it.

Rachel Markwart, Beyond Bank

YES helped me keep up-to-date with good sponsorship practice.

Bebe Mawer, Caravan Industry Association of Australia

YES!!! For me, it’s fine-tuning and supporting my manager more effectively now.

Tara Maher, Fitness Australia

Yes. I will also share my learnings with my team and look to implement techniques and strategies.

Nathan Morton, Sydney Swans


Tom Radomski, Titanium Security Arena and Adelaide 36ers

Yes. Looking forward to doing it.

Anna Gorman, 2Degrees

Yes, totally!

Ella Sim, Rugby Southland

Absolutely! Meeting with director is already scheduled.

Alison Byrne, Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation

Yes, especially the brainstorming techniques.

Angela Gallo, IBM

100% yes.

Thomas Ben, Wellington Phoenix

Yes, definitely!

Suzanne Keoghan, Westpac

Absolutely. The workshop has changed my attitude and approach to selling-in sponsorships.

Courtney Ramsdale, TVNZ

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