In-house Sponsorship Training

I will teach you to be great at sponsorship

Times are tough for sponsors. You’re trying to do more with less. You’ve got smaller budgets and fewer benefits to leverage, yet you’re still expected to hit targets. And all the while, you’re trying to convince the higher-ups that sponsorship isn’t just a luxury spend that should be cut altogether. If you’re ready to stop trying to make do with what you have, and put the right tools in the toolbox, we should talk.

And it’s no joyride for rightsholders, either. You’re facing a huge buyers’ market, and it could be that way for some time. Sponsors are simultaneously cutting budgets and becoming more sophisticated, so you can no longer sell what you were selling, the way you were selling it, and still legitimately compete for sponsorship dollars. If your revenues are dwindling, and you don’t know where to start with this new-look sponsorship game, we should talk.


Sponsorship training with Kim Skildum-Reid

I love sponsorship, and building organisational capacity around sponsorship is my favourite part of the job. I don’t just want you to learn a few skills. My goal is for your organisation to be confidently self-sufficient, fully leveraging sponsorship’s potential, and able to effectively respond to whatever changes this industry may throw at you.

Whether it’s one intensive session for your frontline staff, or a series of sessions, aimed at various stakeholder groups, I’ll work with you to develop a fully-customised training program that creates vision, addresses your challenges, sets out how to maximise your results, and builds buy-in.

Stakeholder groups could include:

  • Frontline sponsorship and brand management, who need both the big picture, and the granular skills, to make sponsorship work again
  • Broader stakeholders, who need to understand the basics of how sponsorship works, so they can integrate it into their areas of the business
  • Regional management, who need skills and tools that are appropriate to their portfolios, and for making the national portfolio come to life in the regions
  • Senior management and board, who need a vision and rationale from a trusted industry professional, so you get the buy-in you need for your new approach


Who will benefit?

I bring passion and commitment into every jam-packed training session, balancing big ideas, great case studies, and scrappy strategies, all amply demonstrated with live work on your sponsorships. If you’re just looking for a talking head, hire someone else!

Ideal for sponsors that want to…

  • Unlock the approach and angles to reinvigorate your sponsorship results
  • Inspire confidence that sponsorship can still deliver against KPIs
  • Instil an efficient, effective approach that will scale, when times get better
  • Position sponsorship as a powerful marketing tool, not a luxury spend

Ideal for rightsholders that want to…

  • Reframe sponsorship offers for maximum revenue and retention
  • Keep sponsors engaged, while your offer isn’t at full strength
  • Find and optimise your most valuable sponsorship benefits
  • Expand your sponsor hit list, and their hot buttons
  • Give yourself a competitive advantage that will only accelerate, as the economy picks up

And while sponsorship training with me isn’t a substitute for strategy work, it’s fast, cost-effective, and will give you a huge running start on developing and implementing a new strategy for your organisation.

If you want to augment a training program, it can also be done in conjunction with one or more strategy sessions, an online resource hub, or a coaching package.


You’re in good hands

I’ve written the bestselling books in the industry, worked with blue chip clients all over the world, and kept my clients on the cutting edge of sponsorship for three decades.

Many training clients are repeats, either freshening their teams’ skills or getting new recruits up to speed. I’m also brought into new companies, as previous clients change roles. Most of the rest of my training clients are referrals. Check out…


What’s the alternative?

Sponsors, you can cut your brand’s budget, and put much of your portfolios into hibernation, until face-to-face experiences are are fully back, but you’ll be missing an enormous amount of marketing opportunity. Sponsorship is still a vastly powerful medium, but only if you have the right skills and plan of attack.

Rightsholders, you can’t just white-knuckle it through bad times and expect it to all be okay in the end. This downturn is changing how sponsorship is done, and if you don’t change with it, you won’t be competitive now, or in the future.



If you want to discuss sponsorship training, please drop me a line and tell me a bit about your organisation and what you have in mind. We can then set up a phone or Zoom meeting to discuss, before I put together a proposal for you.


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