In-House Sponsorship Training

In-house sponsorship training with Kim Skildum-Reid is the gold standard for our industry. Sessions are fully customised and fuelled by the same passion that fuels her hugely popular and influential blog and bestselling books.

Results from in-house training are so strong that over 75% of our work in this area is made up of client referrals and instances where our contact has moved to another organisation and wants Kim to train her/his new team. She is often booked out months in advance.

There are several options for in-house sponsorship training, which are often combined and customised for a bespoke program to address specific needs and opportunities. The key elements are outlined below.

In-house training can also be combined with sponsorship partner training, and for clients with regional offices and far-flung staff, private webinars are also an option.

Training for Frontline Sponsorship Staff

This training balances a best practice approach and the practical skills to put it into place, as well as illuminating case studies and live exercises to emphasise key skills.

In-house frontline training runs from half- to two-days and can be partly or fully customised. Customisation can include emphasising areas of concern or weakness, using your live sponsorships as examples to illustrate key skills.

In-house training works very well in concert with [a strategy session] or two, instilling the skills and mindset, then putting them straight to work building strategy around one or more sponsorships or your whole portfolio.

After this training, sponsors can expect a closer relationship between sponsorship and overall marketing goals, a much more strategic and creative approach, lower leverage costs, more fruitful and responsive relationships with partners, and a measurement strategy that will stand up to the closest scrutiny.

Sponsorship seekers can expect a stronger value proposition, higher sponsorship “strike rate”, offers that are substantially differentiated from what sponsors usually receive, and much stronger relationships with existing sponsors.

Stakeholder Training

This training is aimed at the larger group of stakeholders that may be involved in, or benefitting from, sponsorship, but who are not managing it on a daily basis. The training is more focussed on creating an understanding of, and buy-in for, a best practice sponsorship approach.

After this training, sponsors can expect their investments to be much more thoroughly leveraged, the leverage costs to drop significantly, and measurement to be thorough and reflective of real results.

Sponsorship seekers can expect a better understanding of the value and commercial opportunities around sponsorship, and how they can participate and benefit.

Strategy Sessions

Do you have a strategy to write? A challenge to overcome? Change to manage? A strategy session may be exactly what you need. This fully customised session can run from half- to two-days, is built around the specific challenge at hand, and works well in conjunction with training.

Sponsors, I can help you refine or reinvent your strategy, build a portfolio audit framework, develop leverage plans for one or more key sponsorships, create a (re)negotiation strategy, or anything else you want to address.

Sponsorship seekers, I can help you develop a property, create a hit list, develop sponsorship offers, nut out a marketing plan, restructure your portfolio, and much more.

Want to discuss in-house sponsorship training with Kim Skildum-Reid? Drop us a line!

PH (AU): +61 2 9559 6444

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