Group Sponsorship Training

If your role includes helping other organisations improve their sponsorship capacity and results, getting it right is critical, because it’s your reputation on the line. You simply can’t afford to waste people’s time with training that’s boring, irrelevant, or shallow.

I bring the proven content, subject matter expertise, and credibility to make your program a huge success. And I’ll take the time to learn about your sector, market, and the sponsorship issues your audience is facing, before I craft a fully-customised training program.

Group training can run over one day, or up to a week, and could comprise a number of elements, including:

  • Workshop-style training for your group(s)
  • Breakfast or after-work presentations
  • Panel discussion
  • Conference keynote

Based in Sydney, Australia, I work with clients all over the world. I’m also set up to work with you remotely, as required.


What types of organisations host group sponsorship training?

Group sponsorship training can be undertaken by any number of organisation types. Typically, they would fall into the following categories:


Government Departments of Sport, Arts, Tourism, and/or Communities

Empower the events and organisations in your sector with credible, comprehensive training, building sponsorship capacity and self-sufficiency. I’m often engaged to do group sponsorship training work with multiple departments within a state or national government on the same trip.


Local governments

Instil best-practice sponsorship skills across the events, venues, cultural, and community organisations you run and fund, making them more successful, and less reliant on council funding.


Industry associations and media

Your members or subscribers expect you to provide top quality, relevant training events, and you need to drive engagement and advocacy. I generally work with associations and media serving the following industry sectors:

  • Sponsorship
  • Event organisers
  • Sports marketing, sports business
  • Brand marketing
  • Cultural organisations
  • Community and charity organisations


If your clients are involved in sponsorship, but sponsorship strategy isn’t your core expertise, I can work with you to deliver a group training session that elevates their approach, adds value to your client relationships, and positions you as a capable partner to help them deliver on a new approach.


Your group is in good hands

  • I have unsurpassed subject matter expertise, with three decades on the cutting edge of sponsorship
  • With three industry bestsellers, one of the most read and trusted how-to sponsorship blogs in the world, and white papers with nearly a million downloads, I have the profile and credibility that will drive interest and participation in your program
  • My training sessions are high-powered and jam-packed. Nobody is going to walk away thinking they’ve wasted their time
  • I use live examples from the group in key workshop exercises, providing current, localised application of some of sponsorship’s most crucial skills
  • I provide ample follow-up material, so your group can feel confident in their new approach
  • When you hire me, you’re hiring me. You won’t have a junior staffer or some stranger turn up to lead training, because I do all of it myself

Please check out a list of just some of my consulting and training clients, sponsorship training testimonials, and lots of reviews from workshop participants.


What’s the alternative?

Hiring someone to lead sponsorship training isn’t difficult, but getting someone really good can be a damn sight harder.

There are great consultants that aren’t good trainers. And there are people with strong training skills, but they don’t regularly work with clients on strategy, so they lack real-world experience. Neither of those options will deliver the experience your group needs. When it’s your reputation on the line, it’s just not worth taking the chance on working with someone who doesn’t bring the full gamut to your program.



If you’re planning some group training, please drop me a line and tell me a bit about your organisation and what you have in mind. We can then set up a Zoom or phone call to discuss your requirements, before I put together a proposal for you.


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