Strategic Sponsorship Consulting

Harnessing the power, accountability, and efficiencies of best practice sponsorship

Sponsors, if your sponsorships are heavy on operations, but light on strategy and creativity, if your struggle to measure real results has left you with a real lack of buy-in, or if you’re facing budget stress and wondering how to structure your portfolio for more impact on less money, I can help.

Rightsholders, if hitting sponsorship targets has been increasingly difficult, and you know that’s only going to get worse, if your bottom-heavy portfolio is a nightmare to manage, if you know you’re going to need a new approach to survive the demands of today’s highly sophisticated sponsors, I can help.

And if, like most of our industry, you’re wondering how to adapt to the limitations on events, continue to use sponsorship as a results-driver, and set yourself up for success in a post-COVID world, I can help.


Sponsorship consulting with Kim Skildum-Reid

You’ve probably suspected that there was more to sponsorship that what you’re seeing – more returns, more efficiencies, more meaning, more power – and you’re absolutely right. The way sponsorship is typically done barely grazes the surface of best practice sponsorship.

Power Sponsorship is my company, and helping clients make the absolute most of their sponsorship programs is my passion. I’ll pinpoint what’s going wrong and get to the core of how sponsorship works for your organisation, your team, and your target markets, then build the strategies, tactics, and tools you need to get there.

The work is collaborative, building skills, vision, and buy-in from day one, ensuring maximum uptake of the new strategy, and building organisational change that will survive staffing changes.

Ideal for sponsors that want to…

  • Evoke maximum benefit from every sponsorship dollar spent
  • Engender lasting brand alignment and advocacy from fans and customers
  • Audit and rationalise your portfolio, while minimising downsides
  • Set up to run lean and spend smart
  • Get buy-in for a new approach from across the organisation
  • Understand and credibly report the real returns for your brand

Ideal for rightsholders that want to…

  • Maximise sponsorship revenues
  • Broaden the options for sponsorship
  • Increase sponsor engagement and leverage
  • Attract more substantial sponsors
  • Meet sponsors’ increasing expectations
  • Maximise sponsorship within a complex structure (eg, federated or league)

Why you want to work with me

When you work with a consultant, you want someone with the talent, experience, and industry credibility to not only create a great strategy, but build the consensus to get it done. You want someone who will take the time to understand your organisation, challenges, and goals. And you want the consultant you hired – the consultant you trust – to do the actual work.

  • I’ve written the bestselling books in the industry, worked with blue chip clients all over the world, and stayed on the cutting edge of sponsorship thinking for three decades
  • Unlike most agencies, your work is never handed off to a junior staffer. There aren’t any. All strategy work is handled by me, personally.
  • Most clients are repeats, working on new projects, or with new companies, as decision-makers change roles. Most of the rest of my strategy clients are referrals from other clients. Click for a list of just some of those consulting and training clients.
  • I balance big vision, savvy analysis, and hard-nosed practicality, giving you a strategy that’s both doable and inspiring.
  • I don’t pull punches. You don’t need a yes-(wo)man, who won’t give you the analysis and advice that will create real change. I’ll give it to you – and your executive team – straight, every time.
  • Based in Sydney, Australia, I work with clients all over the world. I’m set up to work with you remotely, as required.


What’s the alternative?

For brands, sponsorships are, by their very nature, finite. Every day you’re not optimising your approach is another day of wasted opportunity.

Rightsholders, old school strategies won’t cut it anymore. If you don’t sort out your approach and have a forward plan that turns you into a sophisticated peer of today’s sponsors, selling and retaining sponsorship is going to just keep getting tougher.


What now?

If you want to discuss your requirements, please drop me a line and tell me a bit about your organisation and your challenges. We can then set up a phone or Zoom meeting to discuss, before putting together a consulting proposal for you.

Please note, because I do all of the strategy work, I can only take on a handful of major consulting clients a year.


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