Build sponsorship capacity across your diverse organisation

A decentralised sponsorship model can be very appropriate, with different teams, businesses, or regions running their own sponsorship programs. Unfortunately, their approaches and results can be just as diverse.

Getting all of those stakeholders to take a consistent, best practice approach to sponsorship is achievable, but most organisations get it wrong, tackling their myriad of needs by issuing sponsorship edicts that are supposed to apply to everyone, but are so generic that, in practice, they don’t mean anything.


The answer to building true organisational capacity lies in developing both a set of immutable fundamentals – your “way” of doing sponsorship – and specific advice, tools, and skills, adapted for each of your stakeholders to achieve their unique goals. It’s strategic and tactical, visionary and practical, macro and micro, and it’s exactly what I do.

I will work with you to create a comprehensive, in-house, capacity-building resource that is a perfect reflection of your organisation, with all its diverse teams, divisions, objectives, and markets. With on-demand training, tools, and templates, examples, processes, and idea banks, it will be large scale, hyper-customised, all in one place, and available wherever and whenever your people need it.

What kinds of organisations will benefit?

Corporations that want a powerful, strategic, consistent approach across…

  • Multiple brand teams
  • Regional marketing teams
  • Multiple divisions or companies

Rightsholders that want a unified and elevated sponsorship approach across…

  • Diverse properties, managed by separate teams
  • Far-flung regional teams
  • Federations or leagues

It’s also appropriate for multi-faceted organisations that are both sponsors and rightsholders, such as…

  • Universities
  • Media companies
  • Local governments
  • Government departments of sport and recreation, culture, health, community service, and public safety

Let me help you empower your people with the skills and tools to get it right, and keep keep them on track. Please drop me a line with some information about your organisation, structure, and challenges, so we can start the process.