Blog & White Paper Reprints

Most of Kim Skildum-Reid’s blogs and white papers are available for reprint by industry associations, publications, and select blogs.

If you are interested in reprinting one or more of these resources, please drop us a line on with the following information:

  • Name of the resource you want to reprint.
  • Where/how you want to publish it (eg, magazine, guest blog, static content for a website, etc).
  • What is the circulation/readership/viewership?
  • When you would like to reprint.
  • Will a translation be required? If so, who will do the translation?

We will review the information and get back to you within a few days. If approved, we will require that you feature an author byline, blurb (we will supply), and link to We will also require notification and a link and/or PDF of the published material.


We do not allow syndication of Kim’s blog (reproduction of all blogs on another website). The number of blogs to be republished on another website will be strictly limited.

You are welcome to republish the title and first few lines of any or all of Kim’s blogs, provided your website is primarily directed toward the sponsorship, marketing, event, fundraising, cultural, or sports business communities, and the title links to the original blog on

We do comprehensive checks for copyright breaches and plagiarism and will take all steps necessary to stop any instances of copyright breach, including issuing a DCMA Takedown Request. (You really don’t want that, so please behave yourself with our resources.)

We do not allow “deep linking” to our downloadable white papers and tools. What does that mean? You may not post the direct download link for those tools or white papers on your website. You are free to provide a link to the Articles and Tools page or the home page.