What Sponsorship Topics Do You Want Me to Blog About in 2015?

Green plant mazeWe’re now well into 2015, so I’m a bit late with this, but I’d still really like your input as to blog topics for this year.

I’d would love if you would let me know what your challenges are or any sticky situations you’d like some help with. I’m happy to write about sponsor, sponsorship seeker, or consultant topics, so don’t hold back! I’m opening the comments (but they are still moderated).

A few things to keep in mind:

  • There are currently almost 250 mostly how-to blogs on this website. If you request a topic that I’ve already covered in-depth, I may respond in the comments, referring you to the appropriate blog.
  • If you’ve got a new angle on an existing topic, or it’s clear the topic needs an update, I may very well do a new blog addressing your angle.
  • I’ve already got around fifty possible blog topics logged. If you request a topic that I’m already planning to address, I’ll increase the priority and you should see it in the next 2-3 months.

I look forward to your ideas!


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5 responses to “What Sponsorship Topics Do You Want Me to Blog About in 2015?”

  1. Hi Kim, I’d love to learn more about your perspective on sponsorship execution and logistics. I know you’ve written about Trello before, but at the ideation stage. Do all sponsors outsource their “on the ground” work to production and experiential agencies?

    What about SMB sponsors? To the extent you have insight, how closely involved should sponsors get in execution, what are the tools and best practices, and how to evaluate agencies?

    Big fan of you blog and perspective Kim. Would love to get your insight!


    Travis Aaberge

  2. Mike Mahoney says:

    I would love to know if you think it is worth investing in data analytics (mining fan databases) in order to sell more sponsorships. Is what you can learn valuable to sponsors?

  3. Josephine Leslie-Jackson says:


    As a charity I understand that we have already have some initial sponsors for our TV series which is being launched across the USA. The reason is that the viewing figures are very high for the programme that put on air.

    Could you please discuss about;

    – How to manage existing initial TV sponsors (probably not that well suited)
    – How to manage seeking sponsors for TV

    Many thanks


    • Kim Skildum-Reid says:

      @Josephine –

      TV sponsorship is a tricky one. If what you’re really selling is a media package around your event – something that stands on it’s own and is not really leverageable across other media – then you sell it as media. Sponsorship skills don’t really apply.

      If it is leverageable across other media and activities, and the sponsor will get a large proportion of their return from what they do with it, not the direct benefits, themselves, then you should sell it like any other sponsorship – it will just have a bunch a media in the benefits list and used on your leverage ideas.

      For that reason, I won’t address TV sponsorship, specifically. You may want to check out the following blog:


      Good luck!


  4. Topic ideas (from the vantage point of the property — a membership association):
    –How to gain the support of your colleagues, staff leadership and board for your partnership program.
    –Why to do when corporate sponsors don’t activate their benefits.
    –How to explain that your corporate partnership program is truly a partnership … not a “sponsorship” where the sponsor gets a booth, a sign, a banner ad and an attendee list.
    –How to fairly price corporate partnerships when benefits are customized for each partner.
    –How to avoid conflicts between corporate partners who want to provide white papers, webinars, education sessions, etc., and association staff who say that is inappropriate or a conflict of interest.
    –What are the primary reasons companies sponsor membership associations? Have the reasons changed in the past five years?
    –Should corporate partner sales and service be handled by the same person, or can one person handle the sale of a strategic partnership while someone else on staff fulfills the benefits?