Tour Announcement: In-House Sponsorship Training and Strategy Sessions, Jan/Feb 2020

I get a lot of enquiries about doing in-house training and strategy sessions, and many of them are a long way from my base in Sydney. Sometimes I can’t do it, as I can only do so much long-haul work. Other times, I’m available, but the cost of travel makes the overall cost prohibitive for the client.

To mitigate both of those factors, and make working with me more achievable for some organisations, I’m going to string several in-house sponsorship training and sponsorship strategy sessions together on one big tour, and split the travel costs between the clients. I’ve done this before, and it works really well.

I’m offering the services outlined below.

In-house sponsorship training

Have you got a team to train? I can create a customised training program that runs anywhere from a half-day to two days. This will provide cutting edge theory, case studies from around the world, and lots of how-to. Sessions of a day or longer will include multiple, hands-on, live exercises, demonstrating the major components of best practice sponsorship, using your sponsorships as the examples, and providing you with actionable material straightaway.

Optional: I can also develop a very short, top-line session for your senior executives, as an adjunct to your training program.

Strategy sessions

Want to develop or fine-tune your sponsorship strategy? Stepping up in class, or have a big sponsorship to negotiate or leverage, and want a huge, running start? These in-depth working sessions will provide you with the framework, and key components of your sponsorship strategy, plus expert, objective advice. Strategy sessions run a half-day to two days, and can be run in conjunction with in-house training.

Partner training

Rightsholders, do you want to add value to your sponsor relationships? Inspire your sponsors to be more engaged, creative, and proactive? Invite them to a sponsor workshop with me!

These workshops can be short, inspiration sessions, but are more typically half-day, working sessions, where I take your sponsors through the live process of creating leverage and measurement plans for their sponsorships. This is one of the most cost-effective ways of improving your relationships and sponsor results, and can be combined with in-house training for your staff and/or a strategy session.

Big organisations

If you’ve got several brand teams, or dedicated teams across several large properties, I’m happy to structure something that provides both the skills and individualised advice that each of the teams need.

Hosted workshops

If you have an association or publication serving the rightsholder and/or brand community, I’m happy to work with you to develop a training program that you can offer to your members, subscribers, or broader audience.


I’m currently planning to head out on tour from late-January to around mid-February. I’ll be travelling west-to-east, around the world. The rough schedule is as follows:

  • w/c 27 January – North America
  • w/c 3 February – North America
  • w/c 10 February – London/Dublin/Northern Europe
  • w/c 17 February – Middle East and/or SE Asia

Availability is strictly limited, and the tour is likely to book out in the next month.

For more information

If you’re interested in potentially participating in one of these tours, you can…

I look forward to hearing from you!


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