Sponsorship Webinars with Kim Skildum-Reid

We’re sheltering at home and trying to be productive, while a pandemic wreaks havoc around the world. And while we’re practising all of this social distancing, the sponsorship world is changing.

To keep your skills sharp, and help you manage this change and prepare for the big tasks ahead, I’m going to be delivering a series of sponsorship webinars. The first four are listed below. Please click the event for all of the details and inclusions. I’ve also included some of the basics here.

All webinars are presented twice

I’ll present each of these webinars twice live – once at 9:00 AM and again at 11:00 PM. This will cater for most time zones, and some example times are shown below. Please double-check the time in your time zone. I recommend EveryTimeZone.com.

You will be able to choose which session you want to attend when you choose your ticket. Scroll down for webinar dates and topics.

SESSION 1: 9:00 AM AEST (Sydney-time)

  • 7:00 AM in Singapore
  • 11:00 AM in Auckland
  • 4:00 PM in Los Angeles, the day before*
  • 7:00 PM in New York City, the day before*

*Sydney is 14 hours ahead of NYC and 17 hours ahead of Los Angeles, so morning in Sydney is afternoon/evening of the day before, in the Americas.

SESSION 2: 11:00 PM AEST (Sydney-time)

  • 9:00 AM in New York City
  • 2:00 PM in London
  • 3:00 PM in Johannesburg
  • 5:00 PM in Dubai

All webinars are being recorded

You’ll have one week after the session to watch the video replay. You are also welcome to share access to the replay with employees from your organisation. You may not share access with people outside of your organisation.

Special note for Australian attendees

You will note that there are two listings for each event. The second listing is for AUSTRALIAN attendees, who will receive a tax invoice with GST broken out of the fee. It’s the same event and your total price is the same. If you are from Australia, please use the “Australia” links to register, so you get the right kind of tax invoice.

Upcoming webinars

Please click through for full webinar descriptions and inclusions. Note, these all say they start at 9:00 AM. This is due to the vagaries of the booking system. You’ll be able to choose the 9:00 AM session or the 11:00 PM session once you click the link for the webinar that interests you.


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