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Sponsorship Seekers Who Bully

I’ve blogged about Sponzillas – sponsors who bully – and in the spirit of fairness, I need to say that there are also some bullies on the other side of the equation. There is an echelon of very desirable properties that can – and sometimes do – bully potential sponsors. They know that if that sponsor doesn’t pay the money for whatever is on offer, someone else will. They offer standard, uninspired packages and refuse to offer anything creative, even if specifically requested by a potential sponsor. In their boldest manoeuvre, they may charge additional fees for bolt-on “benefits” that really only benefit the property. An example would be if an elite sports property required sponsorship […] Read More

Negotiating and Managing Multi-Brand Sponsorship

I tell sponsorship seekers all the time, “Don’t approach the company, approach the brand”. The underlying principle is that companies will generally have one brand that is clearly the best fit for a sponsorship opportunity. This is true for sponsors, as well, and most sponsors have embraced brand sponsorship as the default position for investment. There are, of course, a couple of exceptions. The first is when a sponsorship creates a platform that is large, relevant, and flexible enough that it can be leveraged across an entire portfolio of brands. An example would be if Kellogg’s sponsored the World Cup. They could make that work across their brand portfolio and most, if not all, regions. […] Read More

How to Manage (or Get Rid of) a Senior Executive’s Pet Sponsorship

In many ways, the Global Financial Crisis of 07-08 was one of the best things that ever happened to the sponsorship industry. As the level of sponsor accountability rose at an astronomic rate, the level of sophistication required rose right along with it. For many companies, it also saw the end of a practice that has been the bane of marketing departments for decades: The senior executive’s pet sponsorship. Note, I said “many”, because as antiquated as this practice is, it persists in some companies. The accountability issue is addressed by a directive (implied or explicit) to find some way – any way – to justify this wasteful expense. If you’re in one of those […] Read More

Sponsorship Politics: How to Manage Regional Management

You’re a brand manager or a sponsorship manager, working in your corporate headquarters. You’re handling the national and/or global sponsorship portfolio, but there are only so many hours in your team’s day, so you are relying on regional management to select and manage local sponsorships. For many of you, that very thought will give you a chill down your spine. I’ve lost track of the number of corporate clients that have no idea what’s being sponsored at the local level, how it was selected, whether it was leveraged and how, whether it produced any results against objectives, and how much it’s all costing. The regions may be doing great things, or they may be sponsoring […] Read More

Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways to Better Manage Sponsorship Proposal Assessment

Some sponsors receive dozens of unsolicited proposals a month. Some receive hundreds. Others, thousands. It’s no wonder so many sponsors are overwhelmed by the process of sponsorship proposal assessment. Below, I’ve outlined three things you can do to streamline the process and get a more strategic result. Receive fewer proposals “Yeah, right”, I hear you say. “Whaddaya got? A wand?” Let me assure you, you don’t need a wand and it is possible to reduce the number of proposals you get. If you’re in the situation where there is a nonstop stream of mostly terrible proposals arriving in your inbox, chances are you’re spending way too much time on this first step of assessment. For […] Read More

Is Ultra-Short-Term Sponsorship Worth the Investment?

You can sponsor the tennis superstar for one tournament. You can sponsor the team for one game. You can sponsor the sprinter for one race. The big “sell” is all the exposure your brand can get for their brands, although astute sponsors are well aware that exposure doesn’t equate to changing perceptions or behaviours around the brand – what marketing is all about. There is an implication that buying one of these micro-sponsorships puts a brand in the big leagues, but the platform is so small that it is almost unleverageable. The whole premise resides somewhere between egomania and delusion, and the short answer to whether it is worthwhile is “no”. In reality, the most […] Read More

Favourite Sponsorship Leverage Trick: The Invisible Brand

I’m often asked about my favourite leverage trick for sponsors. Truth be told, I have a lot of favourite tricks… but the “invisible brand” trick is one of the easiest and most versatile. With the Olympics nearly upon us, let’s take a page from their sponsors. They get no visibility from the event. None. And yet, somehow, they manage to turn those huge investments into a marketing return. So, here it is…. my trick: When you develop your leverage plan, pretend you get no visibility from the event at all, and no ability to leverage within the venue or precinct. This is such a simple thing to do, but it will stop you from fixating […] Read More

What is the Role of a Corporate Sponsorship Manager?

I’ve written blog after blog after article after book about the collaborative nature of sponsorship; how it requires both broad buy-in and a commitment to leverage from a range of stakeholders; and that brand managers are generally the ones who approve sponsorship spend. So, if sponsorship decisions and leverage are being spread across various decision-makers, do we still need sponsorship managers? To that, I answer an emphatic “yes”. They fill a number of critical roles to doing sponsorship truly well. Gatekeeper Let’s face it. Being a gatekeeper is a big part of most sponsorship managers’ jobs – somebody has to sift through the hundreds or thousands of proposals your company receives every month. The thing […] Read More

The Rejection Letter Sponsors Wish They Could Send

There was a recent social media stir about an over-the-top rejection letter sent to 900 candidates for a job in the IT industry. Thousands of people complained about the tone and wordiness, and there was a great deal of how-dare-they attitude on display. To an extent, I agree. The tone was condescending and it was way too long and self-important. But the people complaining seemed to be missing the point inherent in the writer’s frustration: If there are 900 applicants for only a handful of jobs, being careless or wacky or not following instructions is not going to get you one of them. What does this have to do with sponsorship? A lot. Some sponsors […] Read More

Stadium Naming Rights is Not “Giving Back to the Community”

Australia has been my home for nearly twenty years, but I grew up in Minnesota. With that comes the burden of being a Vikings fan, so it is with interest that I’ve been following the will-they-won’t-they-and-where coverage of whether they will get a new stadium to replace the much-maligned Metrodome. The other day, I read this article by Thomas Lee of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. In it, he makes a few interesting points, and some of them are way off base. He certainly isn’t alone, however, and has merely fallen into the same old-school analysis of stadium naming rights that media and our industry has for years. So, I’m going to take on a couple of […] Read More