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Corporate Sponsorship SAQ (Should-Ask Questions)

A few months ago, I wrote a blog entitled “Asking the wrong questions: Sponsorship by the numbers”. Ever since, I have had a steady stream of people requesting the questions sponsorship professionals should ask. So, I’ve now done a sponsorship SAQ (should-ask questions) for both sponsors and sponsorship seekers, covering the most important questions our industry tend to ignore. Questions sponsors should ask, but usually don’t… Why are we sponsoring this? Why are we sponsoring anything? This is THE big question, and while many sponsors do ask it, most don’t really dig for the answer. If you answer this question with anything having to do with the sponsorship itself, you’ve got it wrong. You aren’t […] Read More

Is Naming Rights Sponsorship Worth the Money?

I’ve had this question a few times lately. More often than not, it’s a brand manager who asks the question, after a senior executive has indicated interest in a major naming rights. That right there raises a red flag for me, as when the idea for a big naming rights comes from the top, it is – more often than not – corporate ego talking. There are some compelling reasons why naming rights sponsorship is worth the money. There are also some big pitfalls. First and foremost, naming rights sponsorship gives you a dominant platform for leverage. No one else in the sponsorship roster will have access to what you do. No other sponsor will […] Read More

Sponsees Charging Sponsorship Leverage Fees? It’s All Smoke and Mirrors!

I think this industry has definitely arrived at the point where sponsors know it is their responsibility – not the sponsee’s – to leverage their investments. Sponsors, for the most part, understand that when they invest in sponsorship, they are investing in opportunity, not results, and that they need to leverage the opportunity to get result So, what is with so many sponsorship seekers – big sponsorship seekers who should be sophisticated enough to know better – charging “leverage fees” or “activation fees” on top of the cost of sponsorship? What exactly is that for? And how is it not just a way to inflate the fee while deluding the sponsor into thinking they’re getting […] Read More

Sponsorship Pricing Basics

I get more questions about sponsorship pricing than any other aspect of sponsorship. I wish there were an easy answer – a magic wand I could wave – that would make the right number appear out of thin air, but I’m afraid it’s just not that simple. That said, it’s not rocket science, either, and there are some definite rights and wrongs. Getting sponsorship pricing wrong First off, don’t try to add up the value of each of the benefits, as sponsorship really is a case of the whole being worth more than the sum of the parts. You’re not selling benefits, you’re selling marketing opportunity, and a comprehensive opportunity is going to provide a […] Read More

Are Sponsors Worth the Headache?

This was a question I came across in the blogosphere this week. To be fair, the person who asked wasn’t that blunt, but had definitely seen a lot of headaches from sponsors who didn’t pay their fees, didn’t do what they had promised, and generally bullied the event. After a nightmare like that, it seems like a perfectly logical question to ask! In that situation, the answer is a simple: Those sponsors were not worth the headaches. Why seek sponsorship? Before looking at counting the cost of having sponsors, it’s probably worth going through why you would want sponsorship in the first place. The downside to having sponsorship is that raising and servicing it is a […] Read More