Why Power Sponsorship Consulting?

Power Sponsorship isn’t your average sponsorship consultancy, and you won’t get average results.

Kim Skildum-Reid does the work

Kim Skildum-Reid is the lifeblood of Power Sponsorship and when you work with us, you are working with Kim.

Unlike many larger agencies, we will not sell you Kim Skildum-Reid’s advice and then have an inexperienced recent graduate create your strategy. When you hire Power Sponsorship, you will get Kim’s trademark practical, inspired advice, backed up with the weight of 28 years’ experience in corporate sponsorship, and you’ll get it straight from Kim.

Kim is ably backed by a team of admin and research professionals, allowing her to concentrate her efforts on providing strategic advice and support to clients. Need execution? Kim has a broad network of top-notch professionals who can help bring your strategy to life. From high-end event production to sponsorship research to application development, Kim knows and works with the best in the business.

It’s fast

Developing sponsorship strategy in-house can take a lot of time. If your organisation is larger, the logistics and politics can slow the strategy development process down to a crawl. If your organisation is smaller, you may not have the experience on staff to parse your situation and create a strong plan. In any case, you and your team are probably flat out just managing your current brand marketing or sponsorship activities.

If you need a strategy, and you need it fast, Kim Skildum-Reid can review your background information, interview all of the key stakeholders, develop the strategy, and sell it in – in most cases, all within 6-10 weeks.

Makes best practice doable

Rather than offering small adjustments to an outdated approach, Kim takes an approach that is strictly best practice, mirroring the strategies and tactics of the very best sponsors around the world.

While this approach is a departure from the way sponsorship is typically done in many organisations, best practice sponsorship is so sensible and aligns so well with larger strategic thinking, that the transition is embraced as both revolutionary and the obvious option.

All advice and recommendations are fully supported with the training, tools, and coaching your team needs to confidently take the strategy forward.

Improves your results, while spending less money

Many sponsors overfund sponsorship leverage, while underutilising their sponsorships.

Whatever your budget situation, Kim will develop strategies to wring every last big of marketing potential from every sponsorship dollar you spend, and can often find significant cost savings without compromising results.

Builds capacity

We’re sure you’re lovely people, but Kim doesn’t want to work for you forever. She’d much rather teach you how to do it, building your organisational capacity to implement, extend, and reinvent your strategy over years to come.

You won’t see Kim bragging about the work we do for you, because one of the key elements to her approach is to make your team the heroes – the go-to experts, with the expertise and confidence to keep your whole sponsorship portfolio on the right trajectory.

Provides an objective, external viewpoint

You know you need change. You may even know the direction you need to go. But you also know that the old ways of doing sponsorship are well entrenched in some areas of your company and, for one reason or another, your company culture is such that expert, external recommendations carry more value than internal recommendations.

Kim Skildum-Reid is not only an ally in developing a strategy, but in creating vision and buy-in across the company. She combines top shelf credentials with the unparalleled ability to create a strong business case to back up her advice. She’s not afraid to make the big calls, answer the hard questions, or address complex issues that may be difficult to do from inside the company.


Want to discuss sponsorship consulting with Kim Skildum-Reid? Drop us a line!

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