Consulting for Corporate Sponsors

Sponsorship consulting with Kim Skildum-Reid is a comprehensive process designed to not only offer direction and advice, but to create a sponsorship ecosystem that will maximise the ability this powerful medium to build your brands. Below, we’ve outlined both the typical components and the different scopes of consulting we offer.

Consulting components

Corporate sponsorship consulting varies with the needs of the client, but typically will include the following components.

Sponsorship strategy development

The primary component in most corporate consulting projects is the development of a comprehensive sponsorship strategy. All strategies are developed for use across a minimum of three financial years and include strategies to:

  • Achieve key marketing objectives for all applicable brands.
  • Achieve larger corporate goals.
  • Connect with and add value to key market segments.
  • Extend the geographic reach and timeframe of sponsorships.
  • Make small sponsorships deliver the results of a much larger investment.
  • Streamline and simplify the portfolio, without compromising results.
  • Negotiate and renegotiate key investments, including strategies for mid-term renegotiations.
  • Shape and improve the portfolio, year-on-year.
  • Prevent ambush marketing from damaging results.
  • Use ambush marketing techniques to achieve a strong marketing result.

Sponsorship portfolio review and audit

In addition to providing strategy development, Kim will also conduct a thorough audit of your sponsorship portfolio, identifying:

  • Underperforming sponsorships, providing strategies to optimise their performance.
  • Sponsorships that are ill-fitting or have run their course, providing exit strategies.
  • Performing sponsorships, and key techniques that can be emulated across other investments.
  • Areas of geographic, market segment, or timing imbalances within the portfolio, providing strategies to address those issues.

Kim will also conduct a zero-based sponsorship audit. This technique is invaluable for creating an organisational vision of what is possible to achieve with sponsorship.

Sponsorship measurement plans

Kim subscribes strongly to the theory that if it isn’t measured, it didn’t happen.

Given the importance of accurate, relevant measurement, Kim will develop a measurement plan that will assist you in measuring the real results of sponsorship across your company, against benchmarks, not the mechanisms so often measured.

Engendering buy-in

Sponsorship doesn’t work in a vacuum, so buy-in is essential to ensure understanding, support, and uptake of the new approach, Kim will undertake all of the following:

  • Involving key decision-makers and influencers in the strategy development process.
  • Incorporating rationale for all recommendations in the strategy.
  • Providing intensive training and coaching for the frontline sponsorship and/or brand marketing team.
  • Providing training on the basics of best practice sponsorship and how to harness it to a broader stakeholder group.
  • Addressing the executive committee (as appropriate), providing a comfort level with a move to best practice sponsorship.

Creating a consistent approach to sponsorship

In addition to the training outlined above, Kim will provide a compliment of tools and templates to support the strategy and new approach. If appropriate, we can also provide training, tools and templates, and a manual for your regional offices.

For major multinationals, Kim can even create a proprietary training program, elevating the approach and increasing the capacity across your entire network of brands and regions.

Scope of consulting

We offer three levels of corporate consulting services, relating to the scope of expert support you require:

  • Project-based
  • Portfolio-based
  • Organisation-based

These three levels of consulting are outlined below, along with what you can expect.


Project-based corporate sponsorship consulting with Kim Skildum-Reid takes place around the focal point of one sponsorship (or category of sponsorship).

A project-based consultancy is probably most appropriate if your goals fall into one or more of these categories:

  • You want to maximise results and minimise costs with one key sponsorship or category of sponsorship.
  • You want to gain internal consensus or buy-in around one key sponsorship or category of sponsorship.
  • You want expert, independent analysis and advice pertaining to a major sponsorship selection, negotiation, renegotiation, or exit.
  • You want to develop an effective strategy for measuring results of a key sponsorship.

A project-based consultancy is generally short-term in nature, with the entire consulting project completed within 6-8 weeks of commencement.


Portfolio-based corporate sponsorship consulting with Kim Skildum-Reid addresses the structure, performance, and measurement of entire portfolios, often spanning a broad range of brands.

A portfolio-based consultancy is probably the most appropriate choice if your goals fall into any of these categories:

  • You want to elevate your sponsorship results to the highest possible level across your entire portfolio.
  • You want sponsorship to be a major contributor to your brand results, competitive positioning, and bottom line.
  • You want to minimise your sponsorship budget without negatively impacting results.
  • You want your sponsorship portfolio to operate as efficiently as possible, with minimal waste of budget, time, effort, or skills.
  • You want selection, negotiation, leverage, management, and measurement strategies that are relevant and applicable across the portfolio.
  • You want to significantly improve the skill-base of frontline sponsorship and brand staff.
  • You want to improve the buy-in, understanding, and involvement of all departments that could be benefitting from your portfolio of investments.

Depending upon the scope of the portfolio, the number of brands represented, and the geographic spread of key stakeholders, a portfolio-based consultancy could take anywhere from six weeks to six month to complete.

The longer timeframe and broader scope of the work provides for a much higher degree of collaboration and skills transfer.


Organisation-based corporate sponsorship consulting with Kim Skildum-Reid is the most collaborative, flexible, and intensive of our consulting offerings.

Because an organisation-based consultancy is so flexible, we aren’t outlining the specific goals that can be achieved – those will be up to you – but rather, the types of companies that will benefit most from this type of consultancy:

  • Your company is a multinational and you want to develop a consistent approach to sponsorship across all regions.
  • You organisational approach to sponsorship is out of date and everything from the strategy to the portfolio to systems and tools to job descriptions and more needs to elevated to best practice.
  • Your company and/or brands are going through a period of change and your portfolio and organisational approach need to realign with the change.
  • You have a young or inexperienced team who need guidance from an expert, collaborative partner, improving their results and their value to your company.
  • Sponsorship is a critical part of your overall marketing strategy and you need ongoing, high-level, independent advice on a range of issues and projects – a sponsorship right-hand.

Specific goals, timelines, and interim steps are developed within the consultancy, with further goals and sub-projects often emanating from previous work.

This type of organisation-based consulting takes place over a predetermined period of time, generally six months or more.


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