Other Sponsorship Websites, Pages, & Groups


There are at least a couple of dozen sponsorship-related LinkedIn groups, including groups targeted at specific industry sectors. Be sure to look for groups with targeted content and a minimum of spam.


In recent months, Facebook has changed the rules, so even if you “like” a page, you will only see a small fraction of the content it generates. (Thanks for nothing, Facebook!) Many in our industry seem to be dialing down their commitment to Facebook. We’re persisting, for now, so feel free to visit the Power Sponsorship Facebook Page.

Other websites

There are a few sponsorship websites that, like Power Sponsorship, don’t fit into the Blogger, Association. or Publication categories. Here they are:

AusSport – The Australian Sports Industry Directory Online


Non-Profit Sponsorship Resources

Although many of the other resources we’ve listed are pertinent to the non-profit sector, there are a few additional resources we thought you should consider.

Our Community

Arts Management Network


Community Tool Box


PSA Research Center

Society for Nonprofit Organizations