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Companies think you're stupidI mainly work on my own. My clients love this, as they know the strategy or audit or training they get will come straight from me and not delegated to a junior consultant. The only way that’s possible is if I have a crack support team of admin, researchers, and other specialists helping me out with the non-sponsorship related parts of my job.

This year, I have worked particularly closely with two of these specialists, and would like to single them out for thanks and provide my strongest recommendation.

Sherbert Lemon UK (graphic design)

If you like how my website, brochures, and social media platforms look, that’s all down to the genius of Gareth Martindale of Sherbert Lemon. (And if you think it’s all obnoxiously bright, don’t blame him – this is exactly what I wanted.)

I’ve worked with a lot of designers and have never found someone who takes such care to understand my brand and vision. He has never tried to talk me into going more conservative or toning it down. And because I know he “gets it”, my briefs are now more about function, and more often than not, his first draft is virtually perfect.

He is also the designer behind my “Banksy”-inspired sponsorship… um.. let’s just call it a gauntlet throw-down. (Click on the purple rugby ball to check it out.) He also designed the Intergalactic Sponsorship Association page, which could not have been more oddly perfect.

He’s talented, helpful, and no prima donna. If you’re looking to rebrand or reinvigorate your look or materials, do yourself a favour and at least have a chat with Gareth.

e-RDA (website development)

No, I have no idea what the name means, but I do know they are awesomely talented and fantastic value.

Athens-based e-RDA, led by Giorgos Moritsos, has been instrumental in the huge redevelopment of this website, the creation of the Intergalactic Sponsorship Association website, and will be leading the development of several sponsorship-related websites in the coming months.

Although they have a great website design portfolio, in my case, a lot of the design work has been done by the time I get Giorgos and his team involved. That said, in the case of this website, they were able to extrapolate a home page design vision into a complete, 300-page website, with perfectly-themed plugins. They have solved some complex development problems on several websites, and solved the problem fast when a faulty plugin update broke my whole site.

If you’re considering giving your website a refresh over the holidays, you can’t do better.



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