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Olympic Ambush Analysis – Part 7: The Cheeky, the Sneaky, and the Brilliant

While the real ambush marketing news has been about the ridiculous lengths the Games organisers have gone through to thwart ambush marketers, and the negative impact of those activities, strategic ambush has gone on unabated. That butcher who put five sausage rings in his front window learned a big lesson about the cost of national pride, as did that florist who was threatened with a huge fine. But strategic ambushers – the ones sponsors and rightholders really need to worry about – they got the job done without breaking a single rule. There were cheeky ambushers, sneaky ambushers, and brilliant ambushers. We can learn from all of them. The Cheeky Topping the category of “cheeky” […] Read More

Olympic Ambush Analysis – Part 6: I Hope You Don’t Want Fries with That

You can’t get fries without fish at the fish and chips shop in the Olympic Precinct. You can’t get fries with anything else. The only place you can get fries in the Olympic Precinct is at the world’s biggest McDonald’s. Why? Because McDonald’s insisted on having exclusive rights to serve fries. Really, McDonald’s? Were you really that scared that people being able to get a hot chip somewhere else would undermine your brand sanctity? Was it worth it? Because from here, I can’t see how having hundreds of media outlets, and many thousands of social media pundits, taking the crap out of your selfishness is doing a lot for your brand. (Yeah, I know… in […] Read More

Olympic Ambush Analysis – Part 5: Welcome to the Sponsorship Nanny State

McDonald’s is a global TOP sponsor of the IOC. So is Coca-Cola. Cadbury is a Games sponsor. There has been a lot of controversy around these sponsorships, capped off by a riveting piece of propaganda, entitled The Obesity Games. The premise seems to be that Olympic sponsorship is some sort of corporate plot to make our children obese. Seriously, if you listen to some of the commentary around these sponsorships, you’d think Ronald McDonald was force feeding people Quarter Pounders on the way into the stadiums. Except that McDonald’s provides many healthier options, and Coca-Cola bottles water, juice, sports drinks, and plenty of other health-friendly products. And isn’t a small amount of dark chocolate actually […] Read More

Olympic Ambush Marketing Analysis – Part 4: We Own You

In the past couple of days, Lord Sebastian Coe, head of LOCOG, was quoted as saying that people attending the Games should not wear Nike shoes or Pepsi t-shirts, as they would be thrown out by security. He then backpedalled, saying people wearing Nike trainers would “probably” be let in, but ticketholders wearing Pepsi t-shirts will not be allowed entry. LOCOG has further “clarified” that people can wear what they want. But wow, what a pointed illustration of the ugly lengths the Olympic movement would like to go to, in order to protect their fiefdom: We own you. We own what you wear. We own your memories and your ability to record and share them. […] Read More

Can Sponsors Help Teams Sell Tickets?

That was the question I had to address at a conference last week. My opinion? Of course sponsors can help teams sell tickets! Great sponsors are not only adding value to the event experience, but they’re engendering advocacy for that experience – both critical factors for developing and growing an audience. That said, I think most teams who want to go down this track are setting themselves up for failure. There are three key reasons: Teams have a tradition of selling out their audience Let’s be honest here. More often than not, teams are happy to put a price tag on all manner of intrusive, disrespectful sponsorship “benefits”. You want to scream at our fans […] Read More

Stadium Naming Rights is Not “Giving Back to the Community”

Australia has been my home for nearly twenty years, but I grew up in Minnesota. With that comes the burden of being a Vikings fan, so it is with interest that I’ve been following the will-they-won’t-they-and-where coverage of whether they will get a new stadium to replace the much-maligned Metrodome. The other day, I read this article by Thomas Lee of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. In it, he makes a few interesting points, and some of them are way off base. He certainly isn’t alone, however, and has merely fallen into the same old-school analysis of stadium naming rights that media and our industry has for years. So, I’m going to take on a couple of […] Read More

Newspaper Blurring Logos in Sports Photos: The Silver Lining

This topic was tweeted and retweeted ad infinitum on the #sponsorship tag today. German newspaper, Die Tageszeitung, has embarked on a two-week trial of blurring all sponsor logos on sporting photographs. While I can’t say I’m a big fan of revising reality, our industry already does that with all of the electronically inserted signage on so many of our sports, so we can’t be all that shocked. So far, it has been treated as news, with little opinion attached, except one article that labels it “scary stuff”. From a big picture perspective, I disagree. On one hand, the newspaper in question is apparently quite left-wing and this may be a case of political correctness gone […] Read More

Corruption and the Role of Corporate Sponsors

“FIFA is not in crisis,” according to FIFA President, Sepp Blatter. When pressed by reporters, he responded, “I am the President of FIFA. You cannot question me.” Well, as long as he says so… (cue eye roll). According to media and the blogosphere, FIFA is corrupt. It seems to be almost the accepted view that cycle racing is rife with doping. Baseball, sumo wrestling, and many other sports are, or have been, in the same situation. While I am not in a position to comment on whether any of these allegations of systematic corruption are true, I can comment on the sponsorship angle. Last week, there was a surge in social media with people calling […] Read More

How the World Cup Ambushed Itself

It started with a few dozen pretty women in orange mini-dresses with no apparent branding attending the Netherlands’ first round match. “Dutch supporters”, they said. FIFA correctly thought otherwise, then did just about the stupidest thing they could have done. What FIFA should have done… Get their own megalomania under control. Roll their eyes at the lame attempt to “ambush” the World Cup with a low-impact, first-generation visibility grab. Realise that 36 pretty girls sitting together in orange dresses is not going to harm the sponsor, particularly if they had done a good job of leveraging their massive investment. (It was Budweiser, but how many of you knew that?) Inform the broadcaster not to dwell […] Read More

Alcohol Sponsorship Ban a Red Herring

Once again, the politicians should either stick to what they know, or at the very least, not shoot off their mouths without taking some time to seek out expert opinions and research.

I am not a supporter of binge drinking by any stretch of the imagination, and am supportive of measures to educate and support the community. But when it comes right down to it, this proposed ban on alcohol sponsorship may be hyper-populist, but it is highly unlikely to be effective. Why? Let me count the ways…