Online Sponsorship Training Reviews

The new online sponsorship training courses are already getting five-star reviews across the board!

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Best investment, must-take course – Kim offers a competitive advantage like no other

I am a successful professional, I have received teaching from masters in their area of expertise. This training is the best investment I have ever made for the benefit of Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation. As a nonprofit, sponsorship partnerships are key to advancing our mission and growing into a sustainable entity. The depth and breadth of this course has far exceeded my expectations. Kim provides a no nonsense practical application of how to articulate your vision into actionable steps to develop meaningful and relevant win-win-win partnerships for your fans, property, and Sponsors. With the right partners nonprofits can achieve the great work they set out to accomplish. What I love the most is Kim’s straightforward approach and concision. Her generosity compresses the learning curve from an idea to activation. I have wholeheartedly embraced and utilized Kim’s tactics to make magic for The Horses Of Unbridled. If I can do it, you can too!

Susan Kayne, Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation

Cutting Edge

The course was absolutely perfect! Kim did an excellent job in how the course was designed and taught. If you are in this space (sponsorships), this course is a must. She kept it engaging. And, the materials alone are worth the investment. Kim thank you for sharing your knowledge,  resources and experience with the world.

Kelly Vaughn, Maryland Department of Housing

Awesome step-by-step guide to sponsorship!!

Thanks Kim for the opportunity to soak up this course content over a few weeks, whilst at the same time working through real-life sponsorship scenarios. I watched each chapter a couple of times as I was working to apply my learnings and I found this to be extremely valuable.

I have also completed the Getting to Yes live training with you; I loved it and got a different kind of energy from the live course due to the ability to bounce ideas off of others in the room. With the online course I was able to case study my own events rather than hypothetically brainstorm someone else’s event but there is value in both versions!

The online training was a great way for me to test my knowledge and recall from the live training and I was really pleased with my level of understanding and ability to apply concepts to my current client portfolio. That’s thanks to your awesome teaching skills!

I have been a long-time fan of your work, I own one of your books with the piggy-bank on the front!! I appreciate the confidence with which you approach sponsorship, your directness and sense-of-humour resonate with me and I always come away from reading your books, live courses, or online training buzzing and excited to crack into sponsorship seeking!

I’m keen to do more online training so please keep me posted of new training options as they become available.

Thanks a mil…

Karen Hamilton, 360

Comprehensive Sponsorship Training for Rightsholders

Excellent, informative and very digestible!

Fara Gorsi, International Cricket Council

Informative, engaging and insightful webinars – a wonderful course!

This is a fantastic training course on Sponsorship! Kim Skildum-Reid completes the whole sponsorship process from start to end, through informative, engaging and insightful webinars!

Alex Bargh, Wellington Stadium Trust

Absolute best-practice training

This training course in Sponsorship is one of the best I have experienced. The structure of the training is thoughtfully executed from start to finish, including the importance of developing a clear marketing strategy for the business before being able to start reaching out to Sponsors. Understanding how to develop leverage ideas and ways to measure sponsorships is truly invaluable. I cannot recommend this course enough.

Kirilea Salomone, Adelaide Festival

Informative and foundational!

‘Getting to Yes’ provided a solid foundational understanding of the new sponsorship space. Clearly going through the creative brainstorming process to extract various assets and build internal buy-in, to providing a complete and concise proposal, and minimising the errors, Kim kept it succinct yet expansive to create a wide ranging foundational understanding. It will allow the further exploration of the sponsorship space with certainty.

Jeriah Puckeridge, Clubs NSW

Love the online learning platform!

A big fan of Kim’s work, I previously attended the Getting to Yes workshop in Melbourne. The online platform follows the same step-by-step guide but takes the program to the next level by providing up-to-date examples, tips, do’s and don’ts whilst allowing you to go through it at your own pace. I really enjoyed how it is structured and it was a timely refresher that’s enabled me to rethink our process and strategy.

Kim’s passion is really infectious and makes you want to go go go!

Sebastien Krantz, Mater Foundation

Getting to Yes: Just became easier

I was introduced to Power Sponsorship over seven years ago. This course has been a great update to my initial introduction. I really enjoyed the flow and pace of the material that was presented. I felt it was a value based training. I will be telling many others about this training. The downloads have been really useful and I’ve taken many notes to “jog” my memory because she includes verbal gems throughout the videos.

Sandra Bolling, Biz Efficienzy

Fantastic course!

When I first started in sponsorship, I was given a copy of one of Kim’s books to read to be introduced to best-practice sponsorship, and the Getting to Yes course has been a fantastic refresher, and has also inspired a lot of great new ideas. I found the course to be very informative, engaging, and well-structured, and would recommend it highly to anyone working in the sponsorship space. Thanks Kim!

Emma Williams, Adelaide Festival

Real Answers to Sponsorship Issues

Thanks Kim, this provided me with some great information to apply to the my daily routine of dealing with new and existing sponsors.

Graham Watterston, Sunshine Coast Turf Club

Sponsorship – and what is of interest to your sponsor over the horizon

This is what i needed to clarify the brief to my board, and clarify the brief to the outside agency helping put a product together. I know my product is new and on the upward curve, but how do I describe the future when we have so little past? This task orientated, direct instruction course was needed for me to produce useful progress for my not for profit sport club. Thanks Kim. I recommend the course to community and sports clubs, looking to re-position or better position themselves in a changing market and environment. Members, supporters and customers can research so many choices, so our profile needs to be coherent and trustworthy, and this will be attractive to sponsors.

James Sharley, Pickleball Australia Association Ltd