Jump Start FAQ

This program is all-new, so we figured you may have some questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question below, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line on admin@powersponsorship.com.

How long does a Jump Start take?

Depending on your timeframe, your jump start can be completed within a couple of weeks or spread out over two or three months or longer.

When does the Jump Start end?

The Jump Start ends when you have used your final coaching session. You have three sessions and six months in which to use them.

What if I just have a quick question? Will I have to use up a coaching session?

No. You are welcome to contact Kim by email, phone, Skype, or via the Trello workspace anytime. Kim will gladly address quick questions as part of the relationship. Please note, if your query is complex or requires extensive advice, Kim will recommend using one of your coaching sessions.

Can I record the coaching sessions?

Yes. There are many good Skype recorders, or you can record a phone session. Kim will also provide written notes, when appropriate.

Can I use the Jump Start for more than one property?

If you have more than one property or event for which you are selling sponsorship, you should purchase a Jump Start package for each of them. Once you are a Jump Start client, additional Jump Start packages are available at a significant discount.

Can my whole team participate?

Yes! This is a great opportunity for skill-building and we encourage participation.

Does the proposal template include graphic design?

This proposal template provides for content development only. The presentation will be neat and professional, but not graphic designed. Kim will provide written guidelines for dressing/designing your proposal for a very professional look, whether you do it yourself or hire a designer.

What if I need more coaching?

If you go through the Jump Start and find that you require additional coaching, you can purchase a coaching package a la carte at any time and at preferential rates.

Can Kim recommend potential sponsors?

Kim is happy to provide advice on potential sponsors or categories of sponsor as part of a coaching session. Even better, you can do a hit list brainstorm with Kim during a coaching session and come up with even more ideas together!

Will Kim Skildum-Reid contact sponsors on our behalf?

Contacting or selling to sponsors on your behalf is referred to as brokering. This is not a brokering service, but aimed to prepare you to confidently contact and sell to sponsors yourself.

Want to discuss a Jump Start with Kim Skildum-Reid? Drop us a line!

PH (AU): +61 2 9559 6444

PH (US): +1 612 326 5265

Email: admin@powersponsorship.com

You can also download the Power Sponsorship Jump Start brochure, with all of the details and registration instructions.