Is Ultra-Short-Term Sponsorship Worth the Investment?

MicroscopeYou can sponsor the tennis superstar for one tournament. You can sponsor the team for one game. You can sponsor the sprinter for one race.

The big “sell” is all the exposure your brand can get for their brands, although astute sponsors are well aware that exposure doesn’t equate to changing perceptions or behaviours around the brand – what marketing is all about.

There is an implication that buying one of these micro-sponsorships puts a brand in the big leagues, but the platform is so small that it is almost unleverageable.

The whole premise resides somewhere between egomania and delusion, and the short answer to whether it is worthwhile is “no”. In reality, the most valuable part of this whole exercise is the photo your managing director will inevitably get with the star or team.

Sponsorship is about relevance, not visibility. It’s about nurturing relationships with target markets, adding value to those relationships. It’s investing in an opportunity with the critical mass that allows for multiple, meaningful leverage activities.

So, should you invest? Well, how bad does your managing director want that picture?


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