Favourite Sponsorship Leverage Trick: The Invisible Brand

Favourite Sponsorship Leverage Trick: The Invisible BrandI’m often asked about my favourite leverage trick for sponsors. Truth be told, I have a lot of favourite tricks… but the “invisible brand” trick is one of the easiest and most versatile.

With the Olympics nearly upon us, let’s take a page from their sponsors. They get no visibility from the event. None. And yet, somehow, they manage to turn those huge investments into a marketing return. So, here it is…. my trick:

When you develop your leverage plan, pretend you get no visibility from the event at all, and no ability to leverage within the venue or precinct.

This is such a simple thing to do, but it will stop you from fixating on what happens in the event or venue, and make you incredibly resourceful.

  • What are all of your brand touchpoints (ways that people interact with your brand)? Which of those can this sponsorship be integrated across?
  • What can you do that will engender participation through social media? How can people create and showcase content? Vote? Influence what you’re doing?
  • What exclusive content can you access or generate and share with your target markets?
  • What are the best things about the event experience? How can you amplify them?
  • What are the worst things about the event experience? How can you ameliorate those?

After you and your team have brainstormed these and chosen the best ideas, then you can go back to address what happens within the event and/or the precinct. You will be in a much more creative frame of mind, and will see some natural on-site iterations and extensions of your other ideas.

The end result is a fully leveraged sponsorship, at minimum cost, while extending your geographic footprint and the timeframe. Sponsorship is no longer about the few hours or few days in the venue, but the whole experience  – which you can be instrumental in making amazing.

This is easy. It’s fast. And it will revolutionise the way you look at leveraging your sponsorships.

As for you sponsorship seekers, you can use this same technique to come up with leverage ideas for your sponsors and potential sponsors, increasing your value and making your property look, feel, and operate like a much bigger sponsorship proposition.

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