Dos and Don’ts of Sponsorship Proposal Assessment [Infographic]

How complicated can sponsorship proposal assessment be? I mean, you just look at the back page for the price, and if you don’t fall off your chair, maybe read the executive summary. If that blows you away, then maybe read the rest of it… right???

Wrong. Although a massive number of sponsorship proposals are evaluated exactly like that, sponsors are doing themselves a disservice if this is their approach to sponsorship selection.

That doesn’t mean you need to read all of every single proposal, even if you know it’s not a fit. Evaluating sponsorship proposals in a strategic way is actually less work than going old school, but it does take a specific approach.

Click below for a PDF of the infographic, outlining the strategies I recommend, and the traps to avoid.

View Dos and Don’ts of Sponsorship Proposal Assessment (PDF)


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