Why Power Sponsorship Training?

We have a large and diverse array of training clients on six continents, and while they have all had different objectives and challenges, all have benefitted from the potent mix of elements that makes up Power Sponsorship training.

Kim Skildum-Reid does the training

Kim Skildum-Reid has a reputation for delivering powerhouse training sessions, whether to small in-house groups, industry association members, or huge conferences.

Teaching sponsorship is a passion of Kim’s, and that passion comes through in her enthusiasm and approach. From pre-event research and preparation to post-event support, you won’t find anyone more committed to making you successful.

Based on proven methodology

With 28 years of experience, industry bestselling books, and a track record of delivering game-changing training to clients big and small, training with Kim Skildum-Reid is both credible and effective.

Kim has honed Power Sponsorship training over many years to ensure:

  • Maximum effectiveness in skills transfer for experienced professionals and novices.
  • Efficiency, allowing her to cover a lot of ground in a concise format.
  • Consistency with world best practice, even as new techniques and technologies emerge.
  • Sensible balance and flow with all training presentations.
  • Pace is snappy enough to keep people fully engaged, without leaving people behind.

Easy to customise

With dozens of fully developed topic modules and hundreds of case studies at hand, creating a customised training program for your team is as simple as it can be. If you know what outcomes you need to achieve, Kim can create a program that is tailored to your specific needs, as well as being enlightening, empowering, and entertaining.

Need something special? Kim can also develop new modules or entirely new training programs to suit your requirements.

Skills training can also be combined with a strategy session, partner training, senior executive top-line training, webinars, and other options, so you get exactly the outcomes you’re after.

Unparalleled support materials

To enhance the learning experience and likelihood of successfully implementing the new skils, Kim Skildum-Reid uses a range of support materials. These can include:

Balances theory, practical, demonstrations, and case studies

All training programs are built around a balance of:

  • Best practice sponsorship theory
  • Practical strategies for implementation
  • Demonstration of (and group participation in) exercises to illustrate key strategies
  • Relevant case studies from around the world – used both to illustrate points and inspire creativity

This approach ensures key points are not only discussed, but reinforced and/or practiced before moving on, creating a high degree of participant confidence in their ability to implement and build on the new skills.

Want to discuss sponsorship training with Kim Skildum-Reid? Drop us a line!

PH (AU): +61 2 9559 6444

PH (US): +1 612 326 5265

Email: admin@powersponsorship.com


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