Training Topics for Sponsorship Seekers

The following is a sample of our topics for sponsorship seekers. As you can see, they run the gamut from marketing plans to sponsor identification, offer development to sales, and servicing to renewals.

Consider this to be a starting place only, as content can be customised – or totally new content developed – depending on your objectives, challenges, and the type of group you are training.

The basics of best practice sponsorship

  • This topic presents best practice sponsorship as a practical, straightforward, proven strategy that can be applied by all sponsorship seekers.
  • What is best practice sponsorship?
  • Using best practice sponsorship to differentiate your organisation and your offer
  • The new sponsorship model
  • Eye-opening and inspiring case studies


  • The best resources for sponsorship seekers
  • Assessing your organisation’s readiness for sponsorship success
  • Creating internal support for best practice sponsorship
  • Systems and strategies for streamlining your work
  • Creating a sponsorship plan
  • Structuring your sponsorship options and hierarchy

Identifying commercial opportunities

  • Selling what sells: Finding your most commercial sponsorship properties
  • The disconnect between your need and your commercial value
  • Finding your most valuable assets (and the ones that will never sell)
  • Identifying the full range of benefits you can offer

Targeting potential sponsors

  • Identifying the best potential partners
  • What you need to know about them
  • How to get this information
  • Using databases, networks, listing services, and research
  • Getting past the gatekeepers

Creating the offer

  • Why most proposals fail
  • The one thing you can do that is most likely to increase your value to a sponsor and get a “yes” (and exactly how to do it)
  • Structuring your proposal to make it easy to approve
  • Proposal options and angles to consider
  • Offer development issues
  • How to price your offer

Proposal development

  • Formalising your offer for presentation
  • How to wow a sponsor with your proposal
  • What information a sponsor needs in order to say “yes”
  • Walk-through of a strong sponsorship proposal
  • The little things that can make a very big difference
  • How to customise a sponsorship proposal template

Sales and negotiation

  • How sponsors make decisions
  • Who should sell your sponsorships?
  • The collaborative negotiation option
  • Negotiating for mutual “wins”
  • Payment structure options
  • Formalising the deal: Do you need a contract?

After-sales servicing

  • Why it’s even more important to service well than to sell well
  • Encouraging your sponsors to leverage the opportunities
  • Teaching your sponsors to measure their own results
  • Reporting you need to do
  • Strategies for managing a large portfolio of sponsors
  • Managing the problem sponsor
  • Turning a sponsor exit into something positive

Measurement that matters

  • Helping your sponsors understand their real results

The renewal process

  • Improving your renewal rate
  • Up-selling existing sponsors
  • Turning your sponsors into advocates

Brand development

  • Why brand development is the basic building block for getting more money, more audience, and a lot more sponsorship.
  • How to create a practical, fast, useable brand definition
  • Using that brand architecture to create differentiation, segment your target markets, and identify potential sponsors

Audience development

  • Identifying and prioritising market segments to increase your audience, save you money, and become more attractive to sponsors
  • Different types of segmentation, and which will work best for your situation
  • Research sources, tools, and tips
  • Research on a shoestring

Marketing plans

  • Using your brand architecture and segments as the basis for your plan
  • Internal, environmental, and competitor analysis
  • Media negotiation strategies and tricks
  • Social media strategies that rock!
  • Working with sponsors to add meaningful impact to your marketing plan