Training Topics for Sponsors

The following is a sample of our topics for sponsors. Consider this to be a starting place only, as content can be customised – or totally new content developed – depending on your objectives, challenges, and the type of group you are training.

The best practice mindset

  • The most effective sponsors in the world, and how they do it
  • Sponsorship’s place, power, and potential in your marketing mix
  • Major drivers you cannot ignore
  • Case studies to illustrate and inspire


  • Why a sponsorship audit is essential to your success, and two easy ways to do it
  • Portfolio structures that work (and those that don’t)
  • How to develop a three-year strategy
  • Sponsorship management systems and software

Doing the deals

  • Why you receive too many proposals and what to do about it
  • How to quickly assess a sponsorship proposal, without resorting to a scorecard
  • Getting internal buy-in
  • Right-sizing, right-pricing, and restructuring offers

Leveraging for maximum results

  • The three rules of leverage
  • Why you are probably spending too much on leverage, and how to change that fast
  • Leverage trends to put you way ahead of the curve
  • Social media strategies that multiply your results
  • Making small sponsorships punch way above their weight
  • Thinking like an ambusher to access more creativity and resourcefulness in your leverage activities
  • More than marketing: Leveraging to achieve overall business objectives
  • Three methods for exceptional leverage plan development
  • How to plan three years of leverage in one afternoon
  • When you should plan leverage
  • Selling leverage plans (and a new approach) to senior executives


  • Why sponsorship is the most measurable of all marketing media
  • Measuring what matters (and not wasting your time on what doesn’t)
  • How to get your in-house experts to do the measuring for you
  • Getting sponsorship research right
  • Creating an accurate measurement report your senior executives will appreciate

Negotiation and contracts

  • New negotiation strategies
  • Collaborative vs traditional negotiation
  • Finding the benefits that have the most value (often not the ones you think!)
  • Structuring payments for mutual benefit
  • How to value contra/in-kind
  • The right agreement for your situation

Managing relationships

  • Managing sponsee relationships (when you have dozens or hundreds of them)
  • What you should expect from your partners
  • What they should expect from you (AKA, how not to be a sponzilla)
  • Exiting with minimal damage to your partner

Ambush marketing

For some companies, this topic operates as a how-to. For others, it is a peek behind the curtain, so they are better able to defend themselves.

  • Types of ambush, which ones work, and which ones are just annoying
  • The anatomy of a great ambush
  • How to ambush without ending up in court
  • Picking your mark: When to ambush
  • Using ambush marketing techniques to improve your sponsorship results
  • How to ambush-proof your sponsorships
  • Why you can’t count of laws or your partners to protect you from ambush