Sponsorship Strategy Sessions

Do you have a strategy to write? A challenge to overcome? Change to manage? One or more strategy sessions may be exactly what you need.

Strategy sessions are fully customised working sessions, running from half- to two-days and built around one or more specific challenges. Strategy sessions are often convened with groups of stakeholders, but can also be done one-on-one. The latter is popular with senior executives who are driving change in the area of corporate sponsorship.

Whatever your challenge or situation, if you want to make a lot of progress fast and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, a strategy session is a great option.


Kim can help you with whatever sponsorship challenges you’re facing, including…

  • Refining or reinventing your overall sponsorship strategy
  • Developing leverage plans for one or more key sponsorships
  • Creating a (re)negotiation strategy
  • Building a portfolio audit framework and jump start the audit process
  • Developing measurement mechanisms and a measurement strategy
  • Working through internal structures and processes

Sponsorship seekers

Kim can help you with anything relating to selling, servicing, or marketing your properties, including…

  • Refining or reinventing your overall sponsorship strategy
  • Creating a hit list and offer angles
  • Developing individual sponsorship offers
  • Nutting out a marketing plan
  • Restructuring your portfolio
  • Refining a property


Want to discuss a strategy session with Kim Skildum-Reid? Drop us a line!

PH (AU): +61 2 9559 6444

PH (US): +1 612 326 5265

Email: admin@powersponsorship.com


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