Do You Need Senior Executive Buy-In to do Best Practice Sponsorship?

Great sponsorship is, by its very nature, a collaborative process. It only works if a critical mass of your stakeholders are integrating sponsorship across their activities. My experience is that if you create a multi-departmental stakeholder team and get them spooled up on the principles of best practice sponsorship, you… Read More

Non-Profits, Watch Your (Sponsorship) Language!

I see a lot of proposals from non-profits and I interact with many in workshops. Something that is both counterproductive and alarmingly consistent is the use of seemingly positive terms that are, in fact, big red flags to sponsors. Below, I’ve outlined three of the worst that you can use… Read More

Sponsorship Pricing Basics

I get more questions about sponsorship pricing than any other aspect of sponsorship. I wish there were an easy answer – a magic wand I could wave – that would make the right number appear out of thin air, but I’m afraid it’s just not that simple. That said, it’s… Read More

Are Sponsors Worth the Headache?

This was a question I came across in the blogosphere this week. To be fair, the person who asked wasn’t that blunt, but had definitely seen a lot of headaches from sponsors who didn’t pay their fees, didn’t do what they had promised, and generally bullied the event. After a… Read More

Five Things a Sponsorship Seeker Must Bring to a Sponsor Meeting

I have recently started getting involved in discussion groups on linked in and wow, what a lot of great questions there are! Today, I addressed a question about the top five things a sponsorship seeker should bring to a presentation to a sponsor. Before I found the question, many people… Read More

Alcohol Sponsorship Ban a Red Herring

Once again, the politicians should either stick to what they know, or at the very least, not shoot off their mouths without taking some time to seek out expert opinions and research.

I am not a supporter of binge drinking by any stretch of the imagination, and am supportive of measures to educate and support the community. But when it comes right down to it, this proposed ban on alcohol sponsorship may be hyper-populist, but it is highly unlikely to be effective. Why? Let me count the ways…

For Maximum Impact, Forget the Event, Concentrate on the Event Experience

Sponsors, have you ever lamented that some of the events you sponsor only last a day, a weekend, or a week? Wondered how you were ever going to leverage enough or establish enough relevance to justify the investment in that short timeframe? Have you ever felt hamstrung by the limitations… Read More

Should I Hire a Sponsorship Valuation Service? If Not, How Do I Get to the Right Price?

I get this question a lot. There are a lot of people out there who really don’t understand pricing, and plenty of others trying to sell them some formula-based valuation service. If you’re wondering whether a valuation service is worth the investment, my opinion is that you should save your… Read More