Best of Sponsorship Servicing and Renewal Resources

Servicing is what happens after the sale, including sponsor management, ensuring sponsors leverage and measure their investments, renewals, and exits. These are the must-reads for anyone charged with looking after a portfolio of sponsors.

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After the sale

You’ve Got the Big Sponsor, Here’s How Not to Screw It Up

What Should a Rightsholder Include in a Year-End Sponsorship ROI Report?

Can’t Keep Up? 5 Ways to Simplify Sponsorship Servicing

Rightsholder Research that Really Benefits the Sponsors

Renewals and exits

4 Warning Signs that a Sponsor is Planning to Exit

The Bear Grylls Guide to Sponsorship Renewals

Is First Right of Refusal the Sponsorship Equivalent of a Ball and Chain?

How Do You Get a Fire-Sale Sponsor to Renew at a Realistic Level?

Sponsor management

Should We Break Up Sponsorship Sales and Servicing Roles?

How to Ride Out a Bad Sponsorship (and Get Out Gracefully, when the Time is Right)

Sponzillas: How to Deal with a Sponsor that Bullies

5 Reasons You’re Better Off without That Sponsor

Online sponsorship training

Getting to “Yes”: Comprehensive sponsorship training for rightsholders

Short Course: Sponsorship Servicing Essentials

Video resources

Sponsorship Ask-Me-Anything video series


The Sponsorship Seeker’s Toolkit 4th Edition

This is the benchmark and industry bestseller. It will bring you through the whole sponsorship process. Every step of the way is supported by checklists, templates, and tools, many of them downloadable. Includes a sponsorship proposal template and an agreement template.

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