Best of Sponsorship Sales Resources

Sponsorship sales are tricky. Even if your offer is perfectly crafted, and the proposal looks good, pricing the offer, getting it to the right person, talking their language, and closing the deal can be a minefield.

There are a lot of resources on this website that will help you be successful in selling sponsorship. Here, I’ve distilled it down to the most important ones.

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White papers and templates

Top Ten Tips for Sponsorship Seekers

Video resources

Sponsorship Proposal Basics in About 15 Minutes

Sponsorship Ask-Me-Anything video series

Should we sign up for a sponsorship matching service?

How do I get corporate sponsorship for staffing (or other overheads)?

Online sponsorship training

Getting to “Yes”: Comprehensive sponsorship training for rightsholders

Recommended blogs


39 Ways to Ensure You Don’t Sell Sponsorship – If you’re struggling with sponsorship sales, and you don’t know why, this blog is the perfect place to start

How Do Sponsors Evaluate Sponsorship Proposals?

Recession-Proofing Your Sponsorship Program: A Rightsholder’s Guide

Most Important Post-COVID Sponsorship Strategies for Rightsholders

Fewer, Bigger Sponsors or More, Smaller Sponsors?

How to Build Sponsor Relationships

Sponsorship pricing

Sponsorship Pricing Basics

Valuing Contra vs Cash Sponsorship

Rightsholders: Please Stop Doing Attendee Division

Should We Hire a Sponsorship Valuation Service?

Making contact

How to Find Out Who to Contact for Corporate Sponsorship

What Time of Year Should I Seek Sponsorship?

Can We Target Multiple Sponsors at the Same Time?

What to Do if a Sponsor Says, “Just Send Me a Sponsorship Proposal”

The First Sponsor Meeting (And How Not to Make an Idiot of Yourself)

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Send Your Sponsorship Proposals to Consultants

How Long Should You Follow Up on a Sponsorship Proposal?

Angles and issues

How Do You Sell Sponsorship to an Old-School Sponsor?

Six Signs a Sponsor is Just Not That into You

7 Reasons You Should Want Multi-Year Sponsorship Contracts


6 Critical Strategies for Sponsorship Negotiation

5 Sponsorship Negotiation Mistakes that Hurt Your Bottom Line (and Make You Look Dumb)

Should You Have Opt-Out Clauses in your Sponsorship Contracts?


What Is the Role of a Sponsorship Sales Manager?

Should We Break Up Sponsorship Sales and Servicing Roles?

Sponsorship brokers

How Much Should You Pay a Sponsorship Broker?

How to Spot a Sponsorship Broker Scam (and One Broker You Should Avoid)

Why You May Be Better Off Without a Sponsorship Broker


The Sponsorship Seeker’s Toolkit 4th Edition

This is the benchmark and industry bestseller. It will bring you through the whole sponsorship process. Every step of the way is supported by checklists, templates, and tools, many of them downloadable. Includes a sponsorship proposal template and an agreement template.

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