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Sponsorship sales are tricky. Even if your offer is perfectly crafted, getting the proposal looking good, to the right person, talking their language, and closing the deal can be a minefield.

There are a lot of resources on this website that will help you be successful in selling sponsorship. Here, I’ve distilled it down to the most important ones.

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White papers and templates

Top Ten Tips for Sponsorship Seekers


Video resources

20 Sponsorship Questions with Kim Skildum-Reid – Part 1: Rightsholders

Sponsorship Proposal Basics in About 15 Minutes


Recommended blogs

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The Breaking Bad Guide to Sponsorship Sales

Sponsorship Sales Rule #1: Sell What Sells, Not What You Need Money For

How Long Should You Follow Up on a Sponsorship Proposal?

How to Find Out Who to Contact for Corporate Sponsorship

Should We Break Up Sponsorship Sales and Servicing Roles?

Sponsorship Beginners Can’t Get a Break (nor Should They)

7 Reasons You Should Want Multi-Year Sponsorship Contracts

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Diary of a Sponsorship Loser

And Now for the Bad News… All of It… In One Place

Why You Should Never Write a Sponsorship Letter of Request

How Not to Sell Sponsorship: A Guide for Charities

Five Things a Sponsorship Seeker Must Bring to a Sponsor Meeting

What Time of Year Should I Seek Sponsorship?

What You Need before You Seek Sponsorship

How Do You Sell Sponsorship to an Old-School Sponsor?

How NOT to Sell Major Sports Sponsorship

How Much Should You Pay a Sponsorship Broker?

Sponsorship Lie #212: “There’s Still Time!”

Sponsorship Pricing Basics

Valuing Contra vs Cash Sponsorship

8 Must-Have Organisational Traits for Successful Sponsorship Seeking

Tick Tock: The Most Precious Resource in Sponsorship is Time

35 Ways to Ensure You Don’t Sell Sponsorship

How Do You Get a Fire-Sale Sponsor to Renew at a Realistic Level?

Are You Really Selling Sponsorship?

How Do I Get Sponsorship for My Event?

Six Signs a Sponsor is Just Not That into You

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Send Your Sponsorship Proposals to Consultants

Why You Should Never Put a Sponsorship Out to Tender

Overheard: The World’s Worst Sponsorship Advice for Non-Profits

Managing the Hardship of Seeking Sponsorship

Five Things Sponsorship Seekers Need to Know about Sponsors

How to Use Your Website to Sell Sponsorship



The Sponsorship Seeker’s Toolkit 4th Edition

This is the benchmark and industry bestseller. It will bring you through the whole sponsorship process. Every step of the way is supported by checklists, templates, and tools, many of them downloadable. Includes a sponsorship proposal template and an agreement template.


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