Best of Sponsorship Resources for Sponsors

Sponsorship is complex. There are a lot of moving parts. But there’s no reason you can’t be among the best sponsors in the world.

First, you need to understand the basics of best practice sponsorship, and the big trends driving bigger results. From there, you need specific skills for all of the critical steps for successful sponsorship. The resources listed below are the must-reads, for you to write your own roadmap for exceptional sponsorship results. And if you need more help, my details are at the bottom.

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White papers and templates

Last Generation Sponsorship Redux – The basic framework for best practice sponsorship, why it works, and how to make it work for you

Disruptive Sponsorship: Like Disruptive Marketing, Only Better – The cutting edge trends driving modern sponsorship results

Sponsorship Guidelines template – An external document for telling rightsholders what you need


Online sponsorship training

Corporate Sponsorship Masterclass – Comprehensive, on-demand online training for sponsors


Video resources

Sponsorship Ask-Me-Anything video series

How do we keep from getting lost in a sea of sponsorship clutter?

Do sponsors need to spend 2-to-1 for sponsorship leverage?

What is best practice for defining sponsorship objectives?

How do I manage sponsorship when the rightsholder is clueless?


Recommended sponsorship blogs


The One Critical Skill Most Sponsorship Professionals Lack

The Best Sponsorship is Process-Driven Sponsorship

Sponsors’ Guide to Avoiding Mediocrity

Sponsorship in a Recession: A Sponsor’s Guide

Most Important Post-COVID Sponsorship Strategies for Sponsors

A Sponsor’s Guide to Getting Buy-In (and Why It’s Crucial to Great Sponsorship)

Do You Really Need a Sponsorship Policy?

Sponsors: How to Increase Sponsorship Sophistication and Results Across a Large Organisation

4 Minor Changes That Could Create Major Improvements in Your Sponsorship Results

5 Bad Habits Sponsors Need to Leave Behind

Using Sponsorship to Support DEI and ESG Initiatives (and Not Just Pay Lip Service)


Getting the right assistance

How to Hire a Corporate Sponsorship Consultant

Four Other Reasons You Might Need a Sponsorship Consultant

Why I’m Not the Right Sponsorship Consultant for You

Sponsors: How to Increase Sponsorship Sophistication and Results Across a Large Organisation

5 Things Your Sponsorship Consultant Won’t Tell You


Sponsorship selection

My Top Five Priorities for Sponsorship Selection

The Most and Least Powerful Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship Benefits Every Sponsor Should Want

Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways to Better Manage Sponsorship Proposal Assessment

Dos and Don’ts of Sponsorship Proposal Assessment [Infographic]

Sponsorship Multi-Tools: The Holy Grail for Sponsors

Valuing Contra vs Cash Sponsorship

6 Critical Strategies for Sponsorship Negotiation


Sponsorship leverage

Favourite Sponsorship Leverage Hack: Don’t Sponsor the Property, Sponsor the Fans

How Much Should You Budget for Sponsorship Leverage?

Sponsorship and Emerging/Improving Technology: The Rules of Engagement

Why Sponsorship Leverage is Like Boxing

What Esports Fans Can Teach Brands about Sponsorship

Why Using Sponsorship for Data Acquisition is a Bad Idea

Sponsorship, Data, and Maximising Brand Returns [Infographic]

How to Right-Size Your Sponsorship Leverage Activities


Portfolio management

How to Structure a Sponsorship Portfolio

Five Reasons Sponsors Should Consider an Umbrella Sponsorship Portfolio

How to Create a “Balanced” Sponsorship Portfolio

How to Manage Regional Sponsorship Management

Should Your Community Sponsorships Be Managed Separately from Other Sponsorships?

Sponsors: What If You Could Start Over?



Sponsorship Measurement: How to Measure What’s Important

Should We Bother Measuring Sponsorship Awareness or Exposure at All?

The Dos and Don’ts of Sponsorship Research

The Enemy of Effective Sponsorship Measurement


Exits and renewals

How to Exit a Sponsorship

Sponsors: 4 Renewal Strategies for Reinventing Your Sponsorship


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