Answers to the 20 Sponsorship Questions I Get the Most

 width=Raising the bar for this industry has been one of my biggest goals since I started in this industry decades ago. Between the blogs, books, and speaking engagements, I offer a lot of advice, and really love doing it.

This also means that I field a ton of industry questions. In a pair of videos, I’m addressing the twenty questions I get most often. Some are big, overarching questions about sponsorship. Others are tricky little buggers that stymie even seasoned veterans.

I’ve broken these down into two parts. The first is primarily for sponsorship seekers, and the second is primarily for sponsors, with a few of the very common (and slightly odd), more general questions I get all the time thrown in at the end.

20 Sponsorship Questions with Kim Skildum-Reid: Part 1 – Sponsorship Seekers

In the first video, I answer the 9 questions I get most often from sponsorship seekers, including:

  • What are the three most critical parts of a sponsorship proposal?
  • How do I value my sponsorship assets?
  • How do I get a small sponsor to increase their investment?
  • Can I approach competing brands for sponsorship at the same time?
  • How do I get a sponsor for my great idea?
  • Can I get a sponsorship broker on commission-only?

20 Sponsorship Questions with Kim Skildum-Reid: Part 2 – Sponsors and General

In this second video, I answer the 7 questions I get most often from sponsors, including:

  • How to deal with a clueless partner?
  • How to sell best practice sponsorship into senior executives?
  • How best to exit a charity sponsorship?
  • Do we need to spend a ton of money on leverage?
  • How to deal with a crazy sponsorship fee increase at renewal?
  • Should we sponsor defensively?

I also address four more general questions that I routinely field (some of which are pretty funny).

You can check out both of these videos (and others) over on my Sponsorship Video Tutorials page.

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