20+ Ambush Marketing Resources Every Sponsorship Professional Should Review (Updated)

Bear TrapAmbush marketing is terribly divisive, but we’ve got to face facts…

It’s legal (unless the ambusher is really careless).

It’s creative.

And it works really well, when it’s done well.

In short, sponsors could learn a lot from ambushers. You’ll be better at leverage, you’ll be more resourceful and creative, and you’ll protect yourself from being ambushed. Don’t dismiss these techniques, just because they are usually used by ambushers. There’s nothing stopping you borrowing them.

To that end, I’ve chosen a select few ambush marketing blogs, to get you up to speed on the opportunities and threats presented by this controversial and interesting marketing medium.

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Recommended ambush marketing blogs

How Not to be Ambushed

Ambush Marketing: In Praise of Ambushing Up

The Evil Genius Guide to Ambushing Your Own Sponsorship

How the World Cup Ambushed Itself

Why Ambush Marketing Legislation Will Never Work (and What Will)

Ambush Marketing Set to Rise

The Other Ambush: Standing Up for What’s Right when Sponsors Don’t

Sochi Ambush Marketing, Courtesy of the Wrong Olympics and a Brilliant Audi Fan

Olympic Ambush Marketing “Enforcement” Gets Ridiculous Once Again

Olympic Ambush Marketing Analysis – Part 1: Nike vs Adidas… Again

Olympic Ambush Analysis – Part 2: Olympic Sponsor Awareness Surveys

Olympic Ambush Marketing Analysis – Part 3: Social Media Idiocy

Olympic Ambush Marketing Analysis – Part 4: We Own You

Olympic Ambush Analysis – Part 5: Welcome to the Sponsorship Nanny State

Olympic Ambush Analysis – Part 6: I Hope You Don’t Want Fries with That

Olympic Ambush Analysis – Part 7: The Cheeky, the Sneaky, and the Brilliant

Olympic Sponsorship Analysis – Part 8: The Fallout and the Recovery

Are Lawyers Finally Seeing Sense on Ambush Marketing?

This is what Ambush Marketing Looks Like

Video resource

Video Tutorial: Ambush Marketing Basics in About 10 Minutes


The Ambush Marketing Toolkit

This no-judgement book looks at how great ambush is done (consider it your peek behind the curtain), how to prevent it, and the legal implications.

Ambush Marketing and the Mega-Event Monopoly: How Laws are Abused to Protect Commercial Rights to Major Sporting Events, by Andre M Louw

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