40+ Corporate Sponsorship Resources for CMOs (Updated)

Time for Change - Ornate ClockLet’s face it, Chief Marketing Officers don’t really need to be experts at sponsorship. If you’re a CMO, though, you do need to know at least the basics, so that you can lead a team that will make the most of this powerful medium. Here are a few resources that will help. It’s probably an hour of reading, maybe 90 minutes – but the questions you’ll ask of your team after you spend that time could make a huge difference in your results and the accountability of your sponsorship program.

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White papers

What Every CMO Needs to Know about Sponsorship

Disruptive Sponsorship: Like Disruptive Marketing, Only Better – Brand new!

Last Generation Sponsorship – Downloaded over 850,000 times!

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5 Things Your Sponsorship Consultant Won’t Tell You

8 Ways to Ensure Your Sponsorship Portfolio Underperforms

8 Traits of a Great Corporate Sponsorship Manager

The Most and Least Powerful Sponsorship Benefits

How to Create Sponsorship Vision When Your Company Has a Pole Up Its Bum

9 Secrets of Amazing Sponsors (infographic)

Dear Fans, Companies Think You’re Stupid

Does Sponsorship Affect Share Price?

What is the Role of a Corporate Sponsorship Manager?

Anatomy of a Corporate Sponsorship Manager (infographic)

How to Hire a Corporate Sponsorship Consultant

For Outstanding Sponsorship, Minimise Analysis and Focus on Process

Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways to Better Manage Sponsorship Proposal Assessment

Olympic Sponsorship Analysis – Part 8: The Fallout and the Recovery

Favourite Sponsorship Leverage Trick: The Invisible Brand

If You Can’t Explain Sponsorship to Your Grandma, You’ve Got It All Wrong

Corporate Sponsorship SAQ (Should-Ask Questions)

For Maximum Impact, Forget the Event, Concentrate on the Event Experience

How Much Should You Budget for Sponsorship Leverage?

Sponsorship Measurement: How to Measure what’s Important

How to Structure a Sponsorship Portfolio

Five Reasons Sponsors Should Consider an Umbrella Portfolio

It’s Not the Size of the Sponsorship, It’s What You Do with It

Why “Proud Sponsor Of” Is the Most Worthless Phrase in Sponsorship

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple, Sponsors

Is It a Good Idea to Sponsor Something Historic?

11 Sponsorship Mantras to Keep Your Team on Track

Is Naming Rights Sponsorship Worth the Money?

Five Ways Sponsors Abuse the Privilege

The Enemy of Effective Sponsorship Measurement

Sponsors: What If You Could Start Over?

11 Good Reasons to Exit a Sponsorship (and 5 Bad Ones)

4 Minor Changes that could Create Major Improvements in Your Sponsorship Results

Asking the Wrong Questions: Sponsorship by the Numbers

The Myth of Corporate Social Responsibility

Sponsorship Measurement: Attributing Sales to Sponsorship

Sponsorship Politics: How to Mange Regional Management

How Not to be Ambushed

The Myth of “Sponsorship Objectives” and Why Sponsorship is like Sculpture

Think an Online Form Will Make Sponsorship Selection Easier? Think Again!


The Corporate Sponsorship Toolkit

This is my new book for corporate and government sponsors, and anyone who wants to understand that side of the business. Forewords by industry heavy-hitters, JW Cannon and Rob Fleming. Available in paperback, Kindle, and on iTunes.

Video resource

20 Questions with Kim Skildum-Reid – Part 2: Sponsors and General

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