Your Say: Global Sponsorship Resource Round-Up

A number of bloggers, myself included, have recently lamented the fact that IEG has been such a dominant voice – particularly in America – for so many years, creating a very homogenised view of what sponsorship is and can be.

If that view works for you, great. Hand on heart, it doesn’t work for me. My view has been honed by years and years of actively seeking out great approaches and case studies from around the world, reading dozens of cutting-edge brand marketing and experiential marketing books, subscribing to about 40 RSS feeds, and being active in social media. It is multifaceted, multicultural, strategic, creative, ruthless, brash, nuanced, woven from countless great ideas, and ever-evolving.

I’ve actually been called “the anti-IEG” on a number of occasions, and while that may or may not have been meant as a compliment, I’m taking it as one. Least common denominator, polished-but-safe sponsorship doesn’t interest me in the least.

My guess is that if you read this blog, it doesn’t interest you, either. Like me, you don’t want to tweak old thinking, you want amazing results, you want transcendent sponsorships, and aren’t afraid to break the mould to get there. You want to hear about stuff that makes you say “wow”, followed by that moment of staring into space thinking about how you could make that idea work in your organisation. Technology has made all of this a lot easier, so there really is no reason to rely on one or just a handful of resources when you can have such easy access to great thinking and ideas from all over the world. The trick is finding the right ones for you.

I’ve already written a blog about some of my favourite go-to sponsorship resources – websites, blogs, publications, favourite Twitter follows, and my all-time favourite resource, ABI/Inform Full-Text Online. Now, it’s your turn. I want to hear about your favourite resources for credible, bold, forward thinking sponsorship information.

I’m looking for…

  • Sponsorship blogs with lots of how-to, ask hard questions, or address critical sponsorship issues – include both the page and the feed address (if you have it)
  • Sponsorship or marketing books or white papers that have made a big difference to your results
  • Magazines and websites that make you really think about how you do sponsorship, or that are a great source of ideas and inspiration

The resource does not have to be specifically sponsorship-focused. Marketing, sports marketing, fundraising, or event-oriented resources are also fine, as long as the coverage of sponsorship skills and issues is more than cursory.

Two rules (and posts will be moderated):

  1. I’m happy for you to nominate your own blog or site, but if you’re not offering plenty of strong, current content to your readers for free, don’t bother.
  2. No hard sell – The idea here is to showcase a broad range of resources to your colleagues. I can speak from experience, being helpful and credible will get you a lot further than hard sell in this industry. If your post has 15 links and is written in ALL CAPS, you have no chance!

So, let’s put it out there. I really want to see all of your ideas and I’m sure your colleagues do, as well. I’ll be leaving this post up (with your link) for quite a while. I would also love to feature some new, cool stuff on my Recommended Links and Books pages, so your recommendation could have a permanent home on the Power Sponsorship website!

3 Responses to “Your Say: Global Sponsorship Resource Round-Up”

  1. jdbasketball says:

    great blog, love to chat :) @jdbasketball

  2. Dodb says:

    Hi Kim,
    I’ve just started a Blog myself, where I try to collect all usefull information concerning Sportmanagement – Sportmarketing. I’m trying to find the most interesting online feeds and share them here. that’s how I stumbled upon your blog. Feel free to have a look at it. I’t love to hear your comments on it.
    kind regards,

  3. Hey Kim – I always appreciate your information. And although it’s not what you asked but I’ll add to your IEG comments (and provide info on what you asked, too!)

    IEG has done a tremendous job at building some credibility for the sponsorship and cause-marketing discipline, and providing insightful trends in the field through the late-90’s. I think their voice has become one of several at this point and are no longer the only trendsetters in the industry. That’s a reflection on the hard work of people like yourself, Dan Beeman, and many others.

    At some point, however, the “voice” of a profession shouldn’t come from a private company but through a more public institution or association. In comparison, that’s like all Quick Serve Restaurants relying on the voice of McDonald’s to determine best-practices and set trends. It would really limit the choices and practices associated for all QSR’s and the consumer as well.

    That’s why an independent association could really improve opportunities for the profession and its “consumers,” the sponsors themselves.

    Ok, so onto what you asked for…I’ve always relied on the work of Dr. Tony Meenaghan from the Univ. of Dublin, who has plenty of peer reviewed materials available on the web. Another great source for info and trends is through the Cambridge Journals of Advertising:

    Best to you –