Reader’s Choice – Top 12 Blogs of 2010

We’ve added them up, and below are the blogs that have been tweeted, liked, stumbled, bookmarked, and otherwise shared by you more than any others.

Blogs (mostly) for sponsors

How to Structure a Sponsorship Portfolio – This was the top blog of 2010, and actually tied the previous all-time most popular blog, “Six Signs a Sponsor is Just Not That Into You”!

Think an Online Form Will Make Sponsorship Selection Easier? Think Again!

How to Exit a Sponsorship

Blogs (mostly) for sponsorship seekers

The Problem with Sponsorship Levels

Five Things a Sponsorship Seeker Must Bring to a Sponsor Meeting

How Do I Get Sponsorship for My Event?

Sponsorship Pricing Basics

Are Sponsors Worth the Headache?

29 Ways to Ensure You Don’t Sell Sponsorship

Don’t Send a Sponsorship Proposal Until You Read This

And one for everyone!

What is the Greatest Sponsorship Innovation of Modern Times?

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